Do you also take the frog leap on leap day (29 February 2024)?

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Amsterdam
:round_pushpin: MEETING POINT: 10:45 Achterzijde Centraal station
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: 11:00 Restaurant EYE IJpromenade 1 1031KT Amsterdam
:calendar: DATE: Thursday 29 February 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: about 10:45 AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
:frog: Do you also take the frog leap on leap day? :frog:

Sylvia and I come together and would like to invite some others. Our plan is to celebrate Leap Day with a small meeting and a maximum of 10 participants. We meet in the library, which is located near the Central Station (leave the station on the center side and walk 5 minutes to the left). If necessary, we can walk together from the station to the restaurant. The public library has a restaurant โ€œBabelโ€ on the 7th floor (also accessible by elevator and escalator) with a beautiful view of Amsterdam. The restaurant is self-service so you can choose your own drinks & lunch and pay it directly by yourself.

After the chit-chat with coffee we will sign meetup books and -cards. So, it is not a problem if you arrive a bit later. Afterwards or in between we can have a lunch. Because we are a small group, we can go for a walk or go shopping after lunch. If you prefer to go home, that is of course also okay.

Meetup card
The meetup card is available and costs โ‚ฌ 0,55 each. At the end of January I would like to know how many cards you need and then you will receive a payment request from me (I only order cards that have been paid).

Other information
:frog: Please register by leaving a comment below.

:frog: If you have registered, but you still have to arrange time off from work, try to make sure you know this by mid-January and let us know here.

:frog: The last days before the meeting I will create a WhatsApp group (participation not required), so that we can easily contact each other with last minute information. At that time I will ask for your mobile number.

Note: There are several meetings that day, but I have coordinated this with the other organizers, so that we donโ€™t see each other as competitors, but as fellow enthusiasts. Together we will celebrate this special day in Groningen, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

:point_up: Please make sure to read the Meetup Guidelines before signing up for a meetup.


  1. Wilma @WilmaT - 30 kaarten
  2. Sylvia @sylsillie - 25 kaarten
  3. Desiree @barbizon - 15 kaarten
  4. Bo @postcrossingbo - 20 kaarten
  5. Dunja @ItsDunnies - 20 kaarten
  6. Marianne @bora1976 - 35 kaarten
  7. Nikita @Nikietje - 30 kaarten
  8. Susanne @SusanneMartijn - 40 kaarten
  9. Dymphie @DymphieH - 30 kaarten
  10. Brenda @Exploradora73 - 20 kaarten


  1. Natasja @natasja12
  2. Geke @Gekem
  3. Edith @EdithK
  4. Vรฉronique @VeroniqueNL
  5. Nisha @nishaa

ik kom graag :heart_eyes:

Ik kom ook graag :blush:

Count me in!

Count me in :slight_smile:

Ik kom graag!

Count me in Please ,amsterdam is dichterbij dan Groningen

Heel graag Wilma!

Wow geweldige kaart.
Ik kom graag!


Ik kom graag.

Leuke kaart , ik wil er graag 40

Worden er postzegels gemaakt van de kaart?
Zo ja graag, als niemand anders t doet wil ik me wel opwerpen om t te regelen.
30 kaarten graag

Ik heb geen idee of iemand dat gaat doen @DymphieH . Ik zelf niet, anders doe ik van alles door elkaar. Maar het idee is leuk. Nederlandse of Internationale???

Jammer helaas te laat.

Wil je op de wachtlijst @Deeske of niet?

Nederlandse. Internationale zijn erg duur
Voort buitenland kun je een decemberzegel naast zoโ€™n zegel plakken.

Laat maar weten wie er een (of meer) velletjes wil: ze kosten 12,75 per vel van 10stuks.

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Ik wil graag 20 meetingkaarten. Kunnen we andere Leapday kaarten van Leuke post meebestellen @WilmaT ?

Oh wow that went fastโ€ฆ can you put me on the waiting list than?

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Nee, dat is helaas niet mogelijk @Exploradora73

Als er iemand een half vel wil, dus samen met mij een heel vel?? Dan wil ik wel 5 Nederlandse