Do Travel-Mode Postcards Show on the Gallery [Solved: Yes they do!]

I’m new to Postcrossing, and I started on Travel-Mode since I’m (you guessed it) traveling.

I’m currently in Portugal, so my Postcard IDs are PT-xxxxxxx. I’ve sent seven cards already. Four of them have been received and registered.

When I go to the General Postcard Gallery, and filter by country (Portugal), I cannot find my postcards there.

I was wondering if that has to do with me being in Travel-Mode.

Does anyone know?

Thank you!!



Yes it is.

See postcard in red circle below.
It was sent by Singapore member when he was in Indonesia using travel mode

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I checked some cards that I sent in travel mode and they are shown on the gallery.

E.g. EE-248191

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Thanks for the quick replies and for taking the time to research this.

I wonder if I’m doing something wron or looking in the wrong place.

Can anyone find this postcard in the Portuguese Gallery?

PS: I wonder if it could be because the image was uploaded by me (the sender), and not by the recipient?

No, I can’t see any of your sent cards on the Portuguese gallery.

I’ve uploaded the images myself, too.

I’d rather guess it has any other reasons, maybe because you are a new user, but not sent any cards from home so far. (in travel mode your account is technically inactive). Maybe they will only appear after your account is back active again.

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Oooooh… I think you got this solved.

I did find the first postcard I sent:

So, it must be just that. They take some time to show in the gallery.

Thank you all for participating :sparkling_heart:, and thank you @linos203 for the solution! :muscle:

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