Do people answer your questions in your Hurray messages?

Yes sometimes. But usually i don’t ask questions in my hurray message.
But i offered a few times to send another card, because i felt so confident with the profile and the interests (and with the hurray message, considering more than “thank you and happy postcrossing”).

It is discussed here Do people answer your questions in your Hurray messages?


I do (although sometimes quite a while after the hurray) and I also received some replies! It is always a nice communication. Just recently we found out, that the receiver of my card was participating in a concert which I was listening the week before :slightly_smiling_face:


I notice that when I check my messages (usually in the morning on my phone) I read the Hurray message and then tell myself I’ll reply to it ‘later’ but later never comes. Then I clear out my inbox (I archive all my Postcrossing e-mails) and a lot of messages never get a reply. :frowning: I would love to reply to everyone who asks anything in my Hurray message - I tend to write quite a lot on my postcards.


A big NO… But if anyone writes a hurray message with question for me, I reply … But it’s very rare someone asking a question…


I have received enthusiastic hurrays to each of my cards, so far. I always reply with a thank you. I only have one question asked in my profile and did not get a response yet - but I am a baby Postcrosser with only 3 cards received as of today. It is fascinating to read through the threads in the forum and see how many views people have!


Most of the Hurray messages I get are kind but not super demonstrative (most often, they are just some version of “Thank you for your [beautiful] postcard”), and I generally do not reply to those. However, if someone appears to be actually enthusiastic in their Hurray messages I do try to reply to them, and I definitely reply to questions.

This has not usually been reciprocated, though. I send very enthusiastic Hurrays (because I am honestly excited about the postcards), often highlighting some aspect that I have liked the most about the cards or replying to something that was written on the card (and in those cases I indicate what the person said, just in case they forgot what they wrote). But I rarely receive any reply to those messages and that’s a bit disheartening, since a mere “Thank you!” or “Glad you liked it!” would be more than enough as reply. Of course, there have been instances in which people replied and we engaged in a bit of conversation, but those are most definitely the fewer cases.

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i’ve been thinking that maybe a heart button for a hurray message would be a nice option, like we have here on the forum. as an ‘i’ve read your message and i appreciate it.’
because honestly i don’t feel like answering every thank you message with another thank you message. but i do really appreciate all hurray messages and often they put a smile on my face. but if there’s nothing really to reply to it feels a bit strange to answer every single one with a ‘thanks for your hurray message’.

sometimes there’s a connection and there are a few more messages, which i really enjoy. last week i kinda asked as a joke in my hurray message if her upside down stamp was a secret message (well and there was some more) and i got a really nice and fun reply. these short conversations really bring me joy, but an empty ‘thanks for your hurray message’ doesn’t mean anything to me. it’s just like in real life, with some people it’s easier to talk with than others.


That would be such a great idea, honestly. I definitely don’t expect a reply to a simple hurray message, just like I understand that those who write “thank you for your card” in the Hurray messages do not really expect any reply back, but it kinda hurts when a long, detailed and enthusiastic Hurray message goes unanswered - that might be my RSD acting up, though. A heart button would definitely help a lot to feel that those hurray messages are not just deleted before being opened


no that is not just you, i definitely get what you’re saying. i do think a lot of people (well on the official site at least) are more in it for the writing and not much for the ‘chatting’. i’ve been here quite some years and i think i get replies to my hurray messages once a month.

but i have to admit i don’t reply much myself. a while ago i got a super nice hurray message that started with ‘this is the best card i got this week, this month, this year’ and it really put a smile on my face but i did not reply because it feels weird to say something like ‘glad you like it’. though i was. very glad.
and then i also have that thing that @Potatosium has, if i want to reply later i always forget. i’m also very bad at texting people back, that’s definitely a me thing.


I very rarely receive questions in hurray messages but I will also admit that I’m extremely unlikely to answer them when I do. I don’t especially like online messaging and am not looking to have an ongoing conversation online. But, also, in the vast majority of cases the questions being asked are addressed on my profile and I assume a sender who wants to know more about me is about to check that after sending the hurray. To respond to a hurray message, I need to feel a genuine connection to the sender (based on their profile, the card I sent, and the hurray message) and ALSO be in the right mood and have the time to reply when I see the email.

On the other hand, I also don’t ask questions in hurrays — if I want to continue a conversation with someone who sent me a card, I say in my hurray that I’d love to send them a card back and to please PM me their address if they’d like to. Some people do, some don’t, and I think that’s okay :smiling_face:


I definitely understand the “If left to reply later, I’ll forget”, it happens to me an AWFUL lot too! It’s even more awkward when it happens with instant messaging app, heh. But I do try to reply to enthusiastic Hurrays (which are the lesser of hurrays, too), although I have admittedly missed some due to that forgetfulness

You are right about people being on the official site for the writing or for the cards and not so much for the connection, though. I’m still quite a newbie when compared to many others, but I have had enough chance to see the pattern that there is between profile’s detailing - profile’s antiquity - user’s (most probable) interest, and I try to stick to what I see through the profile in terms of decorating the card, details in the message, excitement placed on the exchange, etc. It’s also true that I tend to be very… explicit? demonstrative?, when it comes to emotions/reactions so I kinda expect it to be so too in others, so I’m aware that part of all this is probably just me needing to fine-tune myself a bit more :joy:


You are right, most of the members never respond. It gives feeling of dead end. I make it point to communicate and reply if there is specific query.

I’m really sorry but it had never occurred to me that people would be upset or disheartened because I don’t thank them for their thank you message. I like the fact that contact is limited to one postcard sent and one registration of that postcard (hopefully with a pleasant message, but that’s not completely necessary). And nothing more than that. Otherwise, where would it end?

Frankly, I doubt very much if I would have lasted as long in Postcrossing as I have if I was expected to enter into a longer correspondence with those I send postcards to. I wouldn’t be able to cope with it. Too much pressure.

However, maybe that’s where the forum comes in and the numerous activities that you can engage in. This is, I’m sure, the place to find those who want more interaction and a longer correspondence.