Do many stamps, sticker and decoration delay delivery?

When requested, I use as many stamps as possible and also include a few stickers and of course a message and address. The address/message side is therefore rather full. Does too much excess decoration hinder post office scanners and delay timely delivery?

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I think so. I had at least one card that was overloaded with text, so that even the sender saw the necessity to draw a frame around my address to make it more visible, but also the coding zone was full with text and the card from the USA to me in Germany took a detour via Jakarta in Indonesia having a rubber stamp “Misrouted Jakarta”.


If the coding zone and address zone is also bombed with text and stickers, then yes, it can cause delay.

I recommend to use both sides of the postcard only for what they are meant to be used.


Our coding zone is already pre printed with bar code, manufactorer, artist etc. information, I’m prepared my cards will all be delayed.

Maybe it’s only day, two, or perhaps only few hours, I can’t know.

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In my case, I am sure using multiple stamps delays delivery slightly because cards where I have used more than a couple of stamps and put it in a postbox seem to get manually postmarked at a letter centre, rather than getting cancelled by machine. But I believe this only delays them by a couple of days so I would prefer to continue making the cards beautiful :smiling_face:


but sometimes i have a big card without address lines and a small address and cards are already so tiny i don’t want to leave 25% of my card empty.

so yes i sometimes put a square frame around the adress and write around it and/or put a few extra stickers and washitape on it. and whilst it may cause delay they for sure arrive, as i do this mostly with cards to my penfriends. so i think those few extra days are worth it.


It causes extra work for the people in the sorting centre.

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