Do I need permission to share PC at a hobbies fair at work?

My employer is hosting an outdoors fair at the end of June where employees are invited to sign up for a table to showcase hobbies and activities the share with one another. I believe that my site has roughly 5,000 people, and the fair is open to all employees across neighboring sites in the state of NY.

I would love to get a table to share the amazing world of Postcrossing.

I’d bring:

  • My collection of recieved postcards (already organized in binders lol)
  • Extra World Postcard Day postcards I had printed out last year
  • A QR card linking to the account sign up page, where I could walk them through signing up for their first outgoing card
  • Some pens, stickers, and stamps for them to write and decorate their first card

Is this something I need to run by admin first?
The event is an internal fair so it’s not open to the public. I just wanted to share my love of Postcrossing and it’s awesome community. Thanks in advance for any clarification on the subject!


I don’t think you have to get permission from the admins - it’s your hobby you showcase. It doesn’t hurt to ask them, anyway. Maybe they will even have some advice for you?
I’m sure other people reading your post here have additional ideas, too.


Thank you for your advice, I’ll reach out to admin with the question :slight_smile:

I was even thinking of asking in the postcard requests forum for my fellow PC’ers to send postcards addressed to my coworkers, and I’d give them out at the fair - however, it’s short notice since I’d have to get the OK from both PC admin and the Fair committee at work, and the event is a month away.


I’m sure you will get a permission. No doubts about that. I think you can start asking your Postcrossing-friends for cards as soon as you get clearance from the Fair committee.
It’s a brilliant idea, the admins did that for their own events, too.

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I think this sounds like a wonderful idea.

The only aspect I’d be a bit reluctant about: the signing up. Sometimes, folks are interested in an idea at first glance, but then lose interest/energy when they understand/learn about the details*. (waiting time, the need of money to buy cards/stamps, ‘difficult’ profiles, variation of countries…). So you could end up helping to create a dozen of ‘dead’ profiles and disappointment.

Maybe offer to assist later (via email), when the interest survives the first fascination of the moment? Or at least tell honestly about what to expect?

*the examples given are no problem for me, just to be clear. But I think outsiders might get a false impression about the effort while talking for few minutes only with a real fan.


Thank you for the reassurance - this makes me feel a lot better and even more excited for the fair!

That’s a very good point, and something I’ll have to talk about, especially with the mail slowing down by me in the suburbs over the last year. I definitely don’t want to add to the clutter of dead profiles, though personally I joined in 2015 and didn’t really become active until 2021.

I’ll definitely make sure to explain the outgoing and incoming mail process, and add that the forums are an amazing way to fill that void if you’re impatient (like I am :laughing:). Especially since I work at a tech firm, I hope this will help my coworkers rediscover the joy of the written word and snail mail in general!


I think with an activity like this you’re in line for “Postcrossing ambassador” badge! Be sure to take pictures of it all! :star_struck::clap::clap::clap:
Also, you could ask at the proper section here at the forum for people willing to send generic postcards that you may give to the visitors of your stand. They would address the postcard to you, but at the message part it would be just hello (no name)and a nice message. (I’ve seen it done here in Italy in some displays/ Postcrossing presentations)
The only concern is your address at the postcards(also those you will display) so if it’s not an “office address/pobox” I’d suggest to put some washi tape over it.
Best wishes!


Thank you so much for your kind words!

I’m crafting a post now in the postcards request section to explain this project! Luckily I have a Post Office box, so I’m not too worried about my address being seen :smile: I’m very excited, and hope that people at the fair will find as much joy in this as I do. Postcrossing has been such a happy highlight for myself these last couple of years!


Perhaps you can take some photos of the event and have an article in the Postcrossing Blog. And maybe the admins award you with the ambassador badge for advertising for Postcrossing.


I love that idea, thanks! I’ll be sure to take photos and follow up after the event. I’ll have to look into how to submit something like that for the Blog, but that would be kind of amazing :sweat_smile:


You can contact the staff via Contact us and chose the point press and media.


Ah, that’s a wonderful and very logical idea, I think in my excitement all my common sense has gone flying out the window :laughing: Thank you!

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I think if you have them in a binder with the picture sides back to back, you shouldn’t have a problem displaying them.

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This is actually how I currently organize my postcards :smile: I haven’t had many friends and family over due to covid, but when I do it’s a fantastic way of sharing the cards I’ve received. I’m so glad they’re already in sleeves, it saves me so much work and I don’t have to worry about people damaging the cards.


…or do a couple and put them in an envelope!
Add a $0.01 stamp to make it look more real.
Put “” in the address field and hand them out to people who show real interest. I’d be glad to send you an envelope full (5) if you decide to do this.


What lovely ideas you have! The fair sounds like a lot of fun. I’m glad that you will be there promoting the hobby.


Just a quick reply to say go for it @paperglo! :slight_smile: And thank you for helping spread the word about the project — we appreciate it.

Just a note: as someone already pointed out, signing up people at these sort of events can get a bit tricky as people feel enthusiastic at the time and then forget about it, etc — at least that’s our experience. Best is to give them something that has the link and they will sign up on their own terms later on.

And do share photos here if you can — I bet everyone would like to see it. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I’m really excited. I think that’s a very good point - I’ll think I’ll be handing out spare meetup postcards I’ve printed for some recent meetups instead. That way, people can look up the website when they get home.

I’ll be sure to post photos after the event, especially giving out the cards that the community have generously volunteered to sent to write!


I would love to see your fair (pictures and many of it) as I am from other parts of the globe :slight_smile:

I guess if u are going to use the logo as your booth/table official banner, you might as well ask or get permission from the admin. they will gladly advice or give suggestions too, maybe. it’s like if u make a meet-up card, we need permission to put the logo on the card.

p/s: provide us a link if you have a web or blog.


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