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I can’t write English very well. If I print out what I want to write, can you accept it?


Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I know some postcrossers who do that, and it’s OK.

If you don’t want to print, but still want to fill the space perhaps you can add:

-a drawing or illustration
-something in your own native language (perhaps a word) dissected and explained.
(I always like how “penguin” in Chinese when broken down to the two words, translates as standing goose. I’m sure there are more fun examples like that.)
-more stamps.


It’s totally fine. But you should also try to improve your English as much as you can. It’s such a good thing when you be able to communicate with all the world.
Never give up! When I first was writing a blog in English, I thought I could never do this. And now, 12 years later it feels so natural.

Yes of cause


Why can’t you just write in English?
Writing postcard is one way to improve your English.
Nobody cares with grammar mistakes unless they are grammar nazi :sweat_smile:



Yes it’s ok don’t worry

I’d rather have a short, hand-written message than an impersonal printout glued to the card. Just take your time. If you make mistakes that’s OK. It’s the effort that is appreciated.

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I would suggest that you write in ink on the postcard what you print out. Don’t glue the printed on the postcard. Unless you are rather concerned about your hand writing - but that’s not an issue.

Yes, I think its lovely that you are trying to speak my language when I can’t speak your mother tongue. Thank you for being part of the postcrossing community

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