Discussion about Meetup cards

I’m glad someone posted this. I remembered seeing it, and even that it was CA, but couldn’t remember the city. I would be thrilled to get a card like this - it’s very clever!

PS - I loved this design - I thought you had had it printed like that - didn’t realize it was a “sign on front” card. I thought someone very dedicated had somehow arranged to get the graphics from everyone ahead of time. Which is a thought, btw, but sounds like a LOT of extra work!


It actually wouldn’t have been that much work to place all the “signatures/stamps” ahead of time. But, I think everyone enjoys the signing and stamping at the meetup. I know I do!

The down side to this type of card is that it must be signed, otherwise the card is not very exciting. I guess someone could put stickers and rubber stamps in the boxes instead! @Wynnie I can send you a card if you like. Just send me a private message if so!


I think this could fit here, as it’s discussion about meetup cards?

Sometimes I see familiar names in these cards, but I checked one I received.
The names were stamped, but as I looked, no one was a post crosser.
It feels strange that I am sent a card, signed by random people.
I this common? Somehow this leaves me feeling weird, if they are not postcrossers, then I only got an earlier written card (so, used, that is not allowed in Postcrossing). I have already registered it, so it’s not something I think, but does others ever check who the “members” are, and what do you think, should the signers be members only?

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That’s interesting. I shall check the next one I receive.

Well, would you believe it, I received one today. I could only find a profile of the sender plus one other. But, there was one whose profile I couldn’t find but his stamp says he’s a Postcrossing ambassador. For others, there were lots of first and second names. Their postcrossing names must be completely different. Which seems odd to me, but that’s what they’ve chosen to do.

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That is such fun coinsidence though to get a meet up card so soon :slight_smile:

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Need help designing a meetup card!


Perhaps a boardwalk? The Chesapeake Bay meeting the Atlantic Ocean? Something that shows the First Landing of the Jamestown colonists? Just from a quick web search those are things that appear to be what is relative to your city. Just an off the top of my head ideas. Best of luck with the design and enjoy the meetup. Hope all goes well for you and that attend.

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Is there a theme for the Meetup? Because that would be a natural

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I am designing one right now for a meetup in coastal MS. I used Corel PSPro to “draw” and then label about 6 different local things and places on the card and left the background white. Then I sent the draft design to a fellow Postcrosser who has hosted a few meetings and asked for feedback. Once I incorporate her inputs, I’ll be sending it off to Moo for a 100 or 150 print.
For inspiration, I looked at other people’s Meetup designs, and drew inspiration from the concept behind popular series (like Lou Paper), …but I was also careful not to mimick a copyrighted design directly - would not want to infringe!
There are some great meetup cards out there with some fabulous designs - just have to look. I got one from Thailand that was actually a 3D flip card - wow!


Hi All,

I’m looking for help on this: when at Postcrossing Meetups, I have a gob of postcards, right? They all get inked (stamped/signed) by multiple people, and are sometimes wet when I need to put them away. How do I protect them if the ink is wet, but also put them away?

One time, I made my own postcard folder (?) with USPS glassine envelopes - so each card had it’s own pocket, and the ink wouldn’t smear on another card.

What do you all do with a bunch of (20-50) inky cards? My ideal is to preserve all the stamps so they are clear and beautiful when mailing.

Thank you.

Did you get the help you needed?

Are you using the Postcrossing user search, or forum? Many, many people are a Postcrossing member, but not in forums. It’s a bit confusing - perhaps the people who attended and signed aren’t on the forums, and that’s where you looked? If not that, it would be weird.

When I have this problem while making maxicards at the post office, I take tissues (like for blowing your nose) with me and lie them between the cards. The fold in the tissues usually means that one tissue is easily good for separating three cards (put the card in the fold, so it’s covering both front and back of one card, then I can place a card in front of and behind it). I’m careful when putting them together so that they are aligned and don’t have to be moved, and then I place the stack together in a paper bag (gently).

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Oh! That’s a snazzy idea, fixed with a small tissue box. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I wrote their names as they were a username on the main site.
So if a stamp said marabout_bite, I looked user/marabou_bite
Of course someone can change their username, but all, really strange.
I think it has been some other type meeting, not (only) Postcrossing, and they just stamp all cards. Gives me weird feelings to get a card like that.

At our meet ups, we lay all the cards out face down to be stamped/signed, get all that done at the start of the meet up, then they dry while we chat and do other things, and can be stacked up and given out at the end.

If you wanted to write/address them during the meet up,you could use the tissue method above for any that you write.

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Don’t know about other countries, but in many meetings I went to in my country, MOST of people there are NOT postcrosser, only postcard collectors. I mean, they send, receive, collect postcards, but they don’t use this website. So of course you can’t find them on Postcrossing.

They mainly swap postcards domesticly, not internationally. I have asked some of them for a reason, the most-heard anwers are not good at English, not interested in foreign cards, and feel it too trouble to use website like Postcrossing. They prefer some domestic platfroms such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu.