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If the card has not been registered yet, go to your traveling cards list and click on the circled green + icon on the very right. OR click on the postcard ID and then “upload image” to the right of the address.

I tried that…there is no green circle on those ones and i did try the card # to and it doesnt show any way to add the photo anywhere…:woman_shrugging:

This is my list of travel postcards.
Do you have a screen like this?

Yes but those green circles are not showing up for me. Its just blank spaces. So its not letting me add anything. Its frustrating.

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Something is wrong with that… :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Once the card is registered only the recipient can upload the image. If the recipient didn’t upload an image, you can try messaging him and offer to email the image.

If the card is still traveling, and you can’t upload the image, there may be a bug, in which case you’ll want to report it to admin using the support feature.

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But you DO have the column “Img”, don’t you? If not, you have to add it with the button “Show/hide columns”.

OR click on the Postcard ID in your Traveling-list. Then the “Postcard XY-123456 will go to…”-view will appear again. And there you have the button “Upload Photo”.

But of course that only works as long as the postcard isn’t registered yet. After registration only the receiver can upload a photo of the card.



Please look to this topic Upload postcard photo - everything is explained there in detail.


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