Direct swaps from Balkan users?

Hello friends from around the world! I’m interested in receiving cards or anything else that can be stuffed into an envelope from the Balkan region (I’m especially interested in Bulgarian where I can trace my ancestry). Any and all Balkan-region swaps are welcomed. I have a good assortment on hand to fulfill Detroit, State of Michigan, and various popular requests. Or, if you prefer, I could surprise you!

If you have interest, send me a message through my profile referencing this post with your name, full mailing address, and any requests (if you have them). I’ll reply in turn and we can exchange!

hi, this Baltic sea area discussion, so its a bit in a wrong area.
Here you can talk people from Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.


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@duck2006 Bulgaria isn’t an ex-Yugoalavian country. I agree it doesn’t belong in the Baltics, but I didn’t see an area for the Balkans / Black Sea in existence. Perhaps closer but still inaccurate.

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Hi @kissthebeehive

sorry, I only checked the headline and moved the topic into this category.

If you are looking for a direct swap, maybe try to open a topic (or move this one) in/to the #trades-requests-offers section as some of the #communities are not very active.

If you’d like, I could move your topic back to #communities:baltic-states or to #communities:other-languages …unfortunately there is no special community for Bulgaria.

Enjoy your weekend! :sunny:

No worries, I already moved it to #communities:other-languages . I think there ought to be an area specifically for Balkan countries (Balkans comprise Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia). But alas, It’s the best I can do for now!


Yes I agree it would be good to have a Balkan section. I was also looking for it.

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Hi there :slight_smile: I recently registered in postcrossing and all my cards are still travelling, but if you pm me your address i can send yours tomorrow :slight_smile:

Still waiting for that address you know :slight_smile: @kissthebeehive

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That’s very nice of you.


I direct messaged and she followed through. Very nice indeed!