Digital cards and printing them at home?

Hey everyone. I often see shops on Etsy that offer digital (printable) postcards which you can purchase and then print from home. As an artist I’m quite intrigued by this idea, but I’m curious if people actually do this (often)? :slight_smile:


I personally wouldn’t do so. Would need to buy a new printer for it and the quality never will be the same as from a card you buy in a store or on-line.



Personally I would only do this if I had a printer that prints for strong enough card material, not paper, with very good quality, maybe then.

It’s strange to think that an artist offers such option, as they will not see the quality, and still it says it’s their art. (Thinking someone would print my art with a bad printer, with stripes, colour about to end, to paper, glues it to something causing blobs :neutral_face: and then it would say to be by me.)

In fact I have thought those are only for personal use, to use in their own journal for example.


I’ve bought digital designs from Etsy before, and printed them on an online printing shop, so that they can be done on proper postcard stock. My printer at home wouldn’t do a good job at this. :sweat_smile:

The digital download worked great though — I was happy.


And I just realised: World Postcard Day cards were like this, but free, and I used another service who printed those for me, and I was happy with quality.

I have a semi professional photo printer at home, but I haven’t really found paper that is good enough for printing on both sides with a proper thickness. I’m still on it though.