Did Yugoslavia stamps can still use now?

I just recieved a card from Srbija.He use some Yugoslavia stamps on it.So can some one tell me the Yugoslavia stamps still can be use in Ex-Yugoslavia countries?

Yugoslavia (Kingdom or SFR) stamps are no longer in circulation since their dissolution.

The national postal service of Serbia is now handled by Pošta Srbije (“Serbian Post”).

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Is the year of the issue visible?

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Just a regular stamp.No year on it.

Lol, that was funny!! :)) No of course not! We don’t use Yugoslavia stamps anymore.
But I think it is great idea to put it for fun!

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Maybe those stamps are just for fun, but the cost for the post service is paid through currently used stamps.

Very often I use this little perfidy trick. At the first glance, the post officers don’t notice it. If this stamp is sealed this card becomes some kind of unusual collecting piece. Nothing special, just a little joke. :wink:

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I like to buy old US stamps and they are all still legal to use, just need to add up to the current amount. People often surprised to see them because so many countries have changed their currency that old stamps not accepted.

I will be visiting Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia in April 2023. do you have tips for buying stamps and postcards to mail abroad while I am there?

I tried visiting the post office websites and watching some of the videos but was not clear how to mail postcards or buy stamps, translation didn’t work on the flashy buttons and links.

Can I use a credit card like VISA or AMEX to buy cards and postage or do I need to get local currency? We will be on a group tour and no car, so probably limited ability to get around town.

Thanks for your assistance!


You can buy local stamps at postoffice,you can find them on google map.Better try center postoffice at each countries’s capital city and use local currency instead of VISA etc… @CardTrekkie

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I can only provide some information for Croatia. If you will visit tourist destination, you can find postcards (and sometimes stamps as well) on the newspaper stands (chains like Tisak or iNovine).
Otherwise, stamps can be bought at any post office (Hrvatska pošta).

For international postcard you need 1,14€ or 8,60 HRK (we changed currency to EUR since January 1st, but all stamps with value in Croatian kuna can be used).

There are also stamps without indicated value - in that case, you should use value B or C. They cost the same (1,14€), but C value stamp has “priority/par avion” delivery.

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All post offices in Croatia accept credit cards, VISA for sure.

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