Did you change some of your opinions or change your sending/buying cards process along your Postcrossing adventure?

When I started Postcrossing I wanted to make them fully written only, no decorations. But I must say I like to decorate my postcards nowadays as well.
Also I thought that I wanted only store bought postcards, not handmade.
But guess what😀 I now participate in a handmade RR. I changed my mind about it and think it’s wonderful to receive a handmade card, because it’s unique and a gesture of love.
My first postcard I sent was a postcard I especially bought in our local bookstore together with 1 international stamp, went home very excited and I focused on that one and only postcard. After writing this card I went to the postbox to post it. Well nowadays I buy a lot of postcards online (still also at my local store) buy a lot of stamps online too and I sent more than 1 postcard at the same time. How about you? Did you notice changes in your Postcrossing adventure so far?


When i first started with postcrossing i thought i wouldn’t be very active on it but now i do it a year and i send a lot more postcards then i though i would!:sweat_smile:


That’s great and funny :smile:


The one big change I made was to back away from Official Postcrossing 8 months ago. No regrets at all. I am active in the Forum. Over there, I can engage in trades for postcards I am seeking & helping others with their wants. If members like good postcards of various topics, I usually have something here. But I noticed the trend towards collecting postcards that are published in series. I prefer multi-card trades vs. single cards by themselves due to the cost factor. The only exception are TAGS.

Then since 2011, I have been offering FREE Postcards to PostCrossing Members. Hundreds of postcards have been sent out. I have to add more card groups to the JULY 2022 offer.


I used to focus only on the front of the postcard, but now I appreciate what’s on the back of the postcard too. I started watching more videos and tutorials about how to decorate postcards. I knew postcards would be fun and interesting, but I never realized how much. I also didn’t realize this whole postcard community online, which is great. It feels great to be able to chat with like minded folks. If I were talk to my friends about postcards they would fall asleep. Lol.


First Postcrossing was the main website I used to send postcards. Now it’s Instagram. For some reason my postcards I send through Instragram arrive faster then my postcards through Postcrossing. I still enjoy it to send through Postcrossing. The excitement to see where it goes, to choose the postcard that fits best for the person…. But lately I find it more exciting to choose my postcard as well.


When I first joined I tried to buy cards that seemed popular, chasing trends such as maps and state capitols. But the fads changed too often to keep up, so now I just pick up whatever I think is nice.


I never knew there was so much card series which people collect.
Or that I see many beautiful stamps.I don´t collect them but Love to see it.
I have many sorts themed cards and pick a card for the receiver is so much fun.
Happy mailbox for you all.


In the beginning: for each adress I picked, I went to the city to find and buy a suiting postcard. Living in the countryside, this was very much time-consuming, ineffective and impractical. Now I have a large stock, sorted by themes. Occasionally I buy new cards to supplement and refill. So I discovered how many marvellous postcards and how many stores - also internet stores - there are. Now I must keep back not to buy too many cards - I often find new great ones which I think I must have - but I am practising self-discipline.

In the beginning I did not decorate my cards. Now I do (depending on the receiver). Besides, meanwhile I have a small selection of beautiful stamps to put on.


When I started with Postcrossing I was buying every postcard I saw and in summer 2018 I bought more than 200 postcards.:grinning:


I can’t help myself from buying too many postcards nowadays, officially addicted now :smiley:


At the moment, I have three separate postcard orders on their way to me.


I don’t stress as much about finding a postcard that would fit people’s wishes. I also started buying postcards from both online, second hand stores, bookstores and grocery stores. I usually order stamps online. I got more excited about decorating cards, envelopes and letters with washi tapes, stamps and stickers as time passed.


At the beginning of the pandemic I began purchasing postcards online (and, ooooohhhh dear…now I have so many cool postcards in my stash but I still find new ones to buy! Haha!). I found out that I tend to prefer illustrated postcards, so that is the majority of what I purchase now. Also due to the pandemic I now buy all of my postage stamps online, which is a lot more fun anyway because my post office branch never had very many new releases available. I found out that I prefer using rubber stamps to decorate the message side of my card more than the stickers and washi that I used to favor.


When I started Postcrossing and read about making a card out of food package I thought I wouldn’t like that and now today obsessed with the heat or not….:smiley: I made my first foodpackage postcard and I like it!! Put on your disco shoes!


So cute!!! If ever you want to swap, please let me know!

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Before joining Postcrossing, I always engaged in heated arguments in social media platforms, but here, apart from 1 or 2 odd occasions, I am living peacefully for more than a year now. It is a big behavioural change for me.


After 10 years of Postcrossing, I now buy much much less cards as I still have lots and lots of blank cards waiting to be sent. The only time I buy many cards every year is at the year end - Japanese New Year postcards :slight_smile:

I also prefer forum tags and swaps on the forum than Official Postcrossing.


When I sarted postcrossing 9 years ago to me a postcard only was a view card. So I expected to only receive view cards as well. I did not really understand why send something else in a project that connects the world. Learning about other places is best with postcards from this place.

Now I see that totally different. I still prefer view cards but I have learned there are so many lovely other postcards out there and am open to these as well.


I started Postcrossing more than 16 years ago, not long after the start of the project (I still sent a postcard with just 2 digits in the ID!), so I would say I have changed my mind about pretty much everything since then.

I also used to think that a postcard was, by default, a viewcard, and to be fair, that is all I had access to at the time: when I first started sending cards, I could buy maybe 5 or 6 different viewcards in my hometown, and, if I was very lucky, maybe a cat postcard and that was it. Ordering cards online wasn’t an option for me at the time and I didn’t really have the chance to travel, so I had no idea about the variety of postcards that exists! Although I imagine many online postcard stores that exist today have been inspired by Postcrossing anyway and were not around 16 years ago.

Also, for the longest time I had no interest in decorating my cards, but now it is something I really enjoy, even though my #1 priority is still the message (both on the cards I send and on the cards I receive).