Deutsche Post stops domestic airmail for postcards

Hello friends, hope this is in the right place, as I’ve never started a thread before. I’m in Canada but I know how popular Postcrossing is in Germany! I work in a newsroom and this just came across the wire, figured I’d share it here:

HL:German mail service stops using domestic flights to transport letters after nearly 63 years

BERLIN (AP) – Germany’s main national postal carrier on Thursday stopped using domestic flights to transport letters after nearly 63 years, a move that reflects the declining significance of letter mail and allows it to improve its climate footprint.
Deutsche Post said the last planes carrying letters between northern and southern Germany, operated by Lufthansa unit Eurowings and Tui Fly, flew overnight on the Stuttgart-Berlin, Hannover-Munich and Hannover-Stuttgart routes.
The company said letters between those destinations will now be transported by road, allowing the company to reduce transport-related carbon dioxide emissions on the routes by over 80%.


I very much welcome the fact that Deutsche Post is doing something for climate protection.

It doesn’t take several days to cross Germany by car or train as it does in Canada or the USA.


I’m surprised to know Germany still used flights!
But, way to go :heavy_heart_exclamation:


All three routes take just a few hours by truck, so that causes hardly any delay. By the way: International mail goes via Frankfurt am Main airport, which did not take part in the domestic mail flights anyway.


Thank you for posting the good news! :smiley: I appreciate it as well. (To my opinion all these flights should be stopped. They are far too expensive in terms of climate & future compared to the easy and good alternatives.)


We are talking about that in our communtiy too :arrow_right: [TALK] Rund um die Deutsche Post und private Briefdienste - #3798 by Prisha

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These routes are mostly 500-600 km, in India such short distance are generally sent by train or by road.
Glad to hear the recent UPU meet focussing on climate in action.

In the US airlines rely on airmail contracts to subsidize less traveled routes between cities. I suspect Deutsche Post transporting mail by road might reduce the frequency of flights on those routes and fewer flights would further reduce transport-related carbon dioxide emissions.

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