I have sent postcards from India around 25th November, none of them are delivered yet neither I have received any. One of my penpal sent a card from Singapore over a month ago, even that is not delivered yet… is there anything about India Post and pandemic or other Indians are getting their cards already? Let me know… thanks…

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Everything is slow for everybody lately. Not only there is the pandemic, things are always slow in December though I don’t know how much that affects India.

I’m in Singapore, I have to say my last post to India took only 3 weeks and I was very surprised it was so quick. Some of my post is taking 2 months and more.

By the way, I looked at your profile, you have a lot more received than sent so you will receive again (in official Postcrossing) when you have more sent (registered) than received.

I sent a postcard to India and it arrived after 23 days:

I know you’re speaking of sending postcards from India and not to India, but maybe this helps.

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From Austria to India a postcard need 30 days or sometimes a bit more.
I hope I can help you

Hi Ashish!
About sending postcards from India, yes its a bit confusing. Days taken by postcards sent to 2 countries that are close to each other differ by a lot.
About receiving postcards from various countries, its quite good(as of now).

This is the one I received minutes before posting this reply.


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I just got 2 cards from India, private swaps sent on March 21!! I wouldn’t lose hope just yet! :wink:

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