Delivery aim?

I understand we are in a pandemic but does anyone else get frustrated when half of your postcards take days and days longer than the ‘Delivery Aim’ advised?

Also Id like to know what your country’s worldwide delivery aim is? for Royal Mail its 6-7 working days! Ha what a joke! Maybe 40% take 7 working days.

Out there are an army of dedicated postal workers working extremely hard to get our items delivered in all weathers and Im grateful for that!

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I will quote PostNL, the Dutch national postal operator, in their Delivery Time Abroad booklet (check the link for worldwide estimation):

You are sending international mail and parcels with PostNL and would like to know how many days it will take until it arrives at its destination, the table below provides an indication of delivery times for mail and parcels. Since PostNL cannot influence the postal process in other countries, these times are only estimates, so the number of days may differ slightly.

Note they used the word “indication” not “guarantee”, since there are many factors influencing delivery time (they listed a few in a following chapter).

Basically from my experience, most of the European countries generally follows the delivery time. But the further it goes, the less likely the card would stay in the delivery time frame.


Good answer! Most of Europe seems to get there in 5-8 days id say 70-80% anyway. i had a card going to Germany get there in three days before haha

Deutsche Post sais letters and postcards to Russia might take 8 to 16 working days. That is still quite optimistic, although my cards to Russia are quite quick lately and I really had one card (out of 861 to Russia) that made it in 8 days.

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" Your post is getting delivered?? " :rofl: :joy:

I feel like this could be a meme. But down South my first ever postcrossing card took 44 days, the rest of them is at 54 days and counting, so yeayyy, I got that going for me. I’m not sure if you will manage to get to 100 post cards in one life time at this rate, but hey, one got delivered. Otherwise I would have had no idea what to do once all expires :joy:


A lot of postal services at the moment are “declaring a situation of force majeure”… which is the legal way of saying “we don’t know if/when we’ll be able to honour our contracts, so please bear with us in these exceptional circumstances”. :sweat_smile:

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The delivery aims from Finland to everywhere have been changed during the Covid-pandemic. Absolutely and - I’m afraid - finally.
Before, when the aim was the same as reality: A postcard to the Scandinavian countries and to DE, NL, UK and PL took 3-5 working days (from Monday to Friday in FI). A postcard to US, CA, HK, TW, Belarus, Ukraina and Belgium was on its way for 7-10 days.

The delivery times from Finland to Russia and to China have always been a big mystery - something between 7-54 days (or never) and don’t ask why. It seems that the geographical distance don’t mean anything. To 10 km’s from the border of Finland and Russia or thousands of km’s to Siberia - the delivery time may be the same.

And nowadays: No delivery from Finland to 157 countries at all. To Norway and Germany 3-7 days (the same as inland mail in Finland) and all other European countries 7-15 days, but Italy and Switzerland much more. To American continent 15-54 days. To and from Russia 10-300 days, mostly 34-52 days. And the mail prices in Finland are already increasing on the 11th of May. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My delivery time is hit or miss. Cards to Germany either arrive quickly, expire, or are close to expiring. Does anyone know why some cards to Germany take so long now? ( my expired cards and still traveling cards are not shown on my profile). Never had delivery problems from Germany. The other countries that cards are traveling slower are Finland and Canada. I don’t know why. Anyone have any ideas?

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US mail is probably not hitting their delivery time. I just received a card that was sent from a location three hundred miles from me that had been sent last September.

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Well cards to the US also travel fast or pretty long at the moment. So <14 days or about 40 are my stats. :smiley:

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Last night I got notified a card was received in Russia after 102 days! I’ve only been Postcrossing since January so must have been an early one

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