Delete or regret a flagged comment?

Is it possible to undo/regret or withdraw/delete a flagged comment?

I made a mistake by flagging a comment that I realised after it was my mistake. I had misunderstood the comment/context, so it wasn’t necessary to flag after all.

But I can’t seem to find any way to withdraw my report/flagging. Maybe this is not possible at all?

No, you can’t reverse it, but I’m sure the moderator who handle the flag will notice the mistake.
@JetteLise @annebethp


Usually you’ll get a private message from the moderator that they’re looking into it. You can then reply explaining your new findings


If you flagged with “Something Else” you should find a PM about that in you PM folder and you can report your mistake there.

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Dear @postboo,

@annebethp and I wrote a reply .
Please check your inbox. :blush:


Perhaps you can write to the member by PM apologizing for the goof. Commendable of you owning up to the mistake.