Delete Bookmark Limit

Seriously, what’s the purpose of having a limit on Bookmarks? I’m back on the Forum after being inactive for about a year and don’t ever remember a Bookmark limit. I remember other limits, and they seam justified as part of efforts to limit spam or bots. But Bookmarks? Those are for my own use only.

I bookmark items to remind me that I need to follow up on it later. Such as if I tagged someone and he sent me his address while at work, I’ll bookmark his message to remind me to send him a card when I get back home. Or bookmark messages or topics I need to reply at a later time. But for the first time I’ve been hitting a bookmark limit, and as a result messages or topics I need to remember to reply to are getting lost.

Again, I understand limits on posting topics or replies to topics, even limits on likes, all in an effort to limit spam and bots. But bookmarks?


I’m not aware of any limits on Bookmarks. However, I find Defer option much useful than Bookmark when I need to follow up or reply any message.

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Didn’t know about that feature. Thanks! I’ll start using it.

Bookmark limit still doesn’t make sense though.

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Yes, please :slight_smile:
I am also using lots of bookmark :slight_smile:
I was surprised there was a limit :o
I wouldn’t mind to have them unlimited or at least get like 50 :slight_smile:

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I didn’t realize there was a limit on bookmarks. I guess I haven’t reached it - how many is it? I too use bookmarks and find them super useful and would hate to run out. The defer button just marks things unread it seems - so do you need to hit defer every time to check back on something?

Haven’t used Defer yet, so can’t comment yet on whether it’s as useful as Bookmarks.

I have no idea what the Bookmark limit is. All I know that for the second or third day in a row, I’ve been prevented from making more bookmarks today because I’ve hit my “Daily Bookmark Limit,” and it’s not even noon here yet! It’s a daily limit I’m hitting, not a total limit. If there’s also a limit on the total amount of bookmarks, I’ve yet to hit it.

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This is the problem I keep running into. I would like to bookmark this so I can come back to it later when I’m able to actually sit down and write a postcard. But I hit my “daily” limit, and so there’s a chance I’ll either forget about this, or if I remember, have a hard time finding it again. My total bookmarks are at the moment less than 10, so it’s not like I’ve accumulated hundreds of bookmarks. I delete the bookmark as soon as I’ve followed up. So this is a limit on making new bookmarks.

I understand limits on posting topics, replying, liking posts and private messaging to limit spam. I even can understand limits on total bookmarks. But on adding new bookmarks, when in total I have around 10 or maybe less? I just don’t see the reason.

How do you delete bookmarks?

From the bookmarks page, tap the box with the 3 dots and click on the option to delete the bookmark.

Sorry I don’t see 3 dots can you explain in more detail please.

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It’s kinda hard to explain without screenshots, and a screenshot would include private info.

Another way to delete a bookmark is to go to the topic or message you’ve bookmarked. The bookmark icon will be in blue. Tap on it and a menu will come up. Select the red trash icon.

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Welcome back friend! Was wondering what happened to you. :smiley:

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Thank you that worked.

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The only bookmark limit that I find is a daily limit which is at 50 (already up from the default of 20) which seems pretty high already.

This doesn’t seem right: you should only see that message if you hit the limit (50) within a 24h period. If have less than 10, something is amiss.

Can you confirm that you are seeing (or were seeing — sorry, I only found this now) that while having done less than 50 bookmarks on the same day? That would be a bug in that case.