Decorating the back of your →NON-HANDMADE POSTCARDS←

My most recent one. As the person loves stamps, I attached two vintage stamps from the DDR, so from a time when germany was still divided. She also loved nature, so I included some flower stickers. :slight_smile:


Another tree swap.


As you do not live in France and as your postcards/letters most likely travel with “Deutsche Post” you should follow their AGBs if you want your things to arrive. At least I would recommend it. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:
In some cases there is extra postage needed for example if you use a colorful envelope, because they can’t sort it with machines this way or if it’s too large or too small or quadratic…

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This is for a tag where you draw or use stickers, washi etc to create a theme on the card that the person before you asked for.

The theme here was : the moon :slight_smile:


Tomorrow I will send my first postcard with drawings on the back. Thanks to all of you for inspiration and encouraging!

So exciting :sparkles:


I’m new to the forum, and hapoy to find this section to show the backsides of the cards. I love snailmail and to decorate them with stamps, stickers, washi, etc. Don’t we all :wink: Just to make it a little party on the doormat for the receiver! :partying_face::postbox:

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@Xute like your backside! So easy, but it really looks like art!

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I received this huge pug sticker bomb card today from @Xute! I love it


Love this expression! :dancer: :partying_face:

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Absolutely love these!

I was inspired by @thetimp for this postcard with a little glued envelope and it really works fine. So happy for having found this possibility which allows to decorate, to use several stamps AND to write a bit more than three sentences :blush:


So glad I could inspire you Tanja and your card looks great. It’s so much fun being able to tell/write a bit more when sending a postcard, right?

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Omg I NEED to try this. That’s absolutely genius

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Todays card goes to Taiwan 🩷 I used several washis and stickers


My decorated Akira backside finally arrived to @Steek ^^ It was so fun to draw, even though I had to simplified the original drawing to my skills :sweat_smile:


Wow!! You are so talented! :fire::scream: This is amazing. What pens do you use btw? The last time I tried drawing on the card, it bled through the front :smiling_face_with_tear:

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For outlines I use Faber-Castell multimark permanent (S) (this one - Best pens for writing on the back of shiny cards? - #7 by Xute) and for the colours just regular water-based markers for children (local brand) - maybe that’s why they don’t bleed through? :thinking:


This is one the character drawing I did a while ago of Indian goddess… Durga…


And as of this one is a cartoon of Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam)… i did with markers and coloured pens…tried my very best …:smiling_face::smiling_face:


I don’t understand why people don’t want home made cards. I am looking forward to getting one