Decorating a car... with stamps!

I saw this news article this week and found it funny:

What do you think? Would you ever give this kind of quirky paint job to your car? And which stamps do you think would be more appropriate? :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t it be cool if airlines put Postcrossing stamps on the wings of their airplanes?!


Sorry I pictured a car with little tiny stamps all over. When I finally had the picture load I was not expecting large stamps

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It is indeed a fun story! :grinning: There is a similar story of a car filled with stamps at the Philately Museum in Oaxaca. I haven’t seen it personally, but I’ve seen pictures of it. The patterns are inspired in textiles from that state.

Here is a picture of the car that I found on the internet.

An a news article, but it is in Spanish.

I wish that I had a car like that :sweat_smile:


Oh wow. That is what I was picturing. So cool

I think it’s neat. It would probably be easier to find your card in a crowded parking lot. :joy: