Danville Station Postcard project

One of my friends shared this post on Facebook. So I went to the Danville Museum website and emailed them to confirm that they are still collecting postcards (they will be collecting postcards all year round).

This is the letter that they gave me permission to share on the forums at Postcrossing:

Danville is home to the Anne Frank letters.

In 1940 a Danville girl, Juanita Wagner, got a pen pal letter from Anne Frank in which Anne included a postcard stating that “she collected picture cards and already had about 800”

Each year our Danville 8th grade class writes letters across the world as they too are trying to collect postcards to honor the 1.5 million children that were killed in the Holocaust.

You can help with this project by sending your postcards to:

Danville Station
P.O. Box 304
Danville, IA. 52623
United States of America

Thanking you for your interest in our project,

Janet Hesler