Damaged Postage stamps

Are torn/faded/damaged stamps still valid, does the postcard still reach the destination? I posted a postcard with a slightly damaged postage stamp and the clerk said it’s okay. But it’s been too many days that my card reached. Since I’m new to this, I’d be happy to hear any suggestions.

Question coming from India.

I guess as long as when at the post office they said it was ok, then well? Here in U.K as long as can see the value of the stamp, then it’s fine. I know everywhere has delays currently, I posted something to a friend in Sheffield, I’m in Lincoln, it’s about an hour and half by car to his, anyway, First Class post (So should be next day) but it took FOUR to get him. :frowning: Hold on and hopefully it will arrive…

All the best.

To which country did you send it and when?

From India to China, ~50 days ago.

Postcards to China sometimes take a long time to arrive. Some of mine have been registered after 50 or even 60 days. I think it has nothing to do with the stamps, especially if the postal clerk said it’s ok.

I agree with what has been said. Because of the pandemic, international mail can be very slow at the moment. Don’t worry too much about it. If they said that it’s okay, then it probably is. :slight_smile: