Czech Republic stamps, sending mail

Hello postcrossers from Czech Republic,

I like to get more information about stamps and sending mail from your country to europe and outside europe.
Are there different stamps for inside and outside europe? Are there rules for cards, envelopes and weight? How much costs the stamps?

I’m happy to received a answer from you. :blush:
Sweet greetings from the Netherlands Linda

Hi Linda,
stamp to Europe including Russia (mark E) costs 39 CZK, outside Europe (mark Z) costs 45 CZK. Sometimes you can buy stamps also in Tourist information not only at post office. Stamp Z can be also combined from stamps B (19 CZK) and A (26 CZK)

I forgot to write, the same price is with or without an envelope and it is up to 50g. Over 50g it’s more expensive… here is direct link
Czech Post

Thank you so much for your information :blush: