Cyprus Europa 2022

Cyprus Postal Services will issue tomorrow Friday (06.05.2022) the new Europa 2022 stamps. Below you can read the text that the services shared on their website about the stories behind the stamps. I also share a photograph of the booklet and a FDC.

The legend of Digenis Akritas

Digenis Akritas was the most courageous of all the Akrites, who guarded the borders of Byzantium. They caused fear and terror to the Saracens who came from the mountains of Central Asia.

The giant stone that dominates the sea and is called “Petra tou Romiou”, is associated with the legend of Digenes Akritas, from whom the area took its name.

According to legend, Digenis Akritas, the legendary Byzantine hero, during the 7th - 10th century, in order to repel the Saracen Arabs, who were preparing to plunder the area, grabbed onto the mountain range of Kyrenia by his one hand as a result of which it took the shape and the name Pentadaktylos (meaning five fingers) and with his other hand lifted a huge rock (the Stone of Romios – Petra tou Romiou) and threw it into the sea against the Saracens who left fleeing.

The Secret Treasure of Regina

Regina, namely the Queen, is a mysterious person mentioned in several myths and legends of Cyprus.

Some of these legends are connected to the castle of Vufavendo, in which, according to tradition, Regina hid her treasures in one of its 101 rooms.

One of the legends states that every night on which the Resurrection of Christ was celebrated, a secret door would open for a short period of time through which someone could gain access to Regina’s room containing the treasures.

On one night of the Resurrection of Christ, a shepherd entered the room, but the door closed before he could collect the treasures.

The shepherd had a pomegranate with him and by eating a piece every day he was kept alive until the following year when on the night of the Resurrection the secret door opened and he gained his freedom.


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