Cute cat postcards


Anyone like these?


These are very cute cards!
A lot of postcrossers like them, you can see it by the amount of profiles that mention so and all the cats cards on their wall (favorites). You can also search the tag #animals or see some tags and RR with cat themes :smile_cat:

Yes, they are very cute!
top right looks a little naughty :heart_eyes:

There are a lot of cat fan profiles that I’ve seen

Yes, these are lovely cat cards. I swap regularly with other cat loving postcrossers - you’ll have no problem finding homes for these cards :heart_eyes_cat:

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I love cats too and have a kitten…you will definitely find swaps for these :smile_cat:

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Oh I love these!! They are wonderful.

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I make my own cat postcard!


I have a lot of free time today,so I would like to swap these cards. Anyone interested in it?

If you want me to send you my Moon cat postcard if you like just dm your address and I will gladly send it to you.