Currently hard to get address from Indonesia

Hello Admin, about a week ago, we, Indonesian postcrosser, started to have problem to get address to send official address. Its harder than before.

We already tick send to same country and also send and received to and from my own country.

Sometimes i can got the address but after that i can’t get the address.

We have to tried several times before we can get the address.

We know about the situation now and We already asked Pos Indonesia to open to more country a few days ago when this problem occurred.
The person in charged said currenly not possible and hopefully in the future.

Thank you

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I got the same problem too and its hard to get the address.
Many of my friend states the same problem

It’s very hard when your postal service stops receiving or delivering mail to 240 countries according to the Postal Monitor.

Hang in there & be patient - the Omicron wave is affecting many, many countries as well.



Yes i knew :smile:
Before Jan 7th, 2022, i can easily get address even with only 8 country available.
I easily got 11 address at Jan 1, 2022.
So i thought @paulo can do something please?

Thank you

That’s really unfortunate. If any Indonesians are interested to swap cards with a Malaysian, I’m can swap you :blush: any card will do, just include some details about your day ^-^

When you’re in the mood to write postcard, and can not get the addresses. It feels baad.

Please do something with it.

Postcrossing is aware of the restrictions on mail from Indonesia.

The reason you were unable to get an address in your country was because no members in the 7 countries allowed by your Post Office were eligible to receive a postcard.

We suggest you try again later and hopefully a member becomes available to receive from those limited countries.

Postcrossing Team


Like what? Suggestions welcome.


Hello fellow Indonesians, yes I’ve experienced the same. The system suggested me to enable repeated countries option.

I believe I got the same message too

But after enabling the repeated country option and wait a while, the system got me addresses. Only to USA

(since it’s one of the big 5 postcrossing country where we can send our official cards to).

Maybe there’s time factor when to draw as well. Try intervals between drawing addresses. Draw-write-draw-write. Or maybe request addresses at night, works the best for me

Hope this help


Yes, we knew about this too.
The best time for actually at 7 am
Of course i tried patiently again and again.
It just wierd that this problem suddenly occures start from Jan 7th 2022.

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Ah I see, thanks for the information. I experienced this issue when I drew on 13th. The one I drew on 3rd had no issue, but maybe that’s because I only drew one address.

Hopefully there will be explaination about this, whether something is happening or it’s just simply there aren’t addresses available for us

Unfortunately there’s so much we can do when the majority of the destinations are not working from Indonesia. :slightly_frowning_face:

While enabling the options to exchange with your own country and to allow more repetitions, there are other factors that still make it hard to find possible matches.

For example, the number of postcards a person is already expecting from Indonesia as the algorithm also tries to diversify that (ie, not just destinations) so that postcards don’t come mostly from the same country. Also, we try to spread out (to the extent possible) when an account is selected so that postcards don’t come in big batches. This and other factors makes it hard to find a match, but when ~85% of the possible destinations are suspended from Indonesia, that makes it almost impossible.

We’ll keep looking for ways to tweak the parameters we have to find matches, but there’s so much we can do without making the experience worse for someone. :worried:


Thank you @paulo @mundoo for your explanation. We will try to keep try because we love postcrossing.

Thanks friends for the discussion


I have no idea, I’m sorry