Currency of Love

Postcrossing- What an amazing platform. We can talk to someone when we are not in a mental state to talk to someone close. I have met so many people across this platform, I have never imagined.
We are sharing an amazing cultural bond together via post-crossing. Don’t you feel proud and get a feeling of joy when you express about the area you live in, your country, your favorite food, movie, favorite place, your last vacation? I believe you do feel amazing.
Again, it’s a beautiful example of the ripple effect. I have sometimes got surprise packages via Postcrossing. Once someone sent me like 100 mint stamps with some 10-15 stamped postcards mint from the USA.
I feel proud to be associated with such a lovely, joyful global community. I feel living in a world free of boundaries.
I wish actually it would be like that. "There should be no boundaries just 1 currency “The currency of love”.


@Sharmaji I agree with you, 100% :slightly_smiling_face: Postcrossing gives a big input. I heard (and then bought and then… read :smiley:) new books from authors I’ve never heard before, I re-discover my own town, got near in touch with people: in bookshop, at postoffice (“WHY do you buy TEN postcards” - "today you received a card from New-Zealand, WOW! Where do you know so many people ? :smiley:). I re-discover hand-made some cards, print postcards from own fotos and and… :slightly_smiling_face:
Just now, in these rather difficult times, difficult for many reasons, postcrossing helps not to forget joy, gives hope and happiness, shows that very kind people exist EVERYWHERE in the world. Postcrossing embellishes my daily life :sun_with_face: :sunflower:


Postcrossing gives each country a personal face. The world is not anymore anonymous. China for example is not only any more “far away, unknown” (to me :wink: no, it is XY elementary school teacher, awesome talking about daily struggles with curious children :slight_smile: or XY in the USA wondering why her carrots in garden are not growing so well, XY in Russia with whom I swap cooking recipes, XY in India who also fear visits to the dentist :slight_smile: World doesn´t stay anymore in newspapers, in TV. The world becomes the person “next door”.


Please, let us remember these words of Gandhi: “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”. Who is so perfect, that he/her may judge his/her neighbour … For myself I am not ! Hate is a poison, an illness, utmost contagious, utmost dangerous. As we were/are able to overcome Covid, now, more than ever, we have to overcome that dangerous hate-darkness. It is a most difficult challenge but I am convinced we will make it ! :slight_smile: One people, one country: Terra !