✅ CSS on official site not loading in Safari iOS

There seems to be an issue loading the CSS/styling on Safari/iOS. I’ve been getting this for the last day:

I tried reloading the page a few times (although I have not tried clearing the cache).

Other browsers/OS I looked at (Firefox/Windows and Chrome/Android) loaded correctly.

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Also, the forum is not affected by this issue, just the main postcrossing.com domain

I had the same problem. My husband had to log into the router and do a DNS reset. He said it is different for every router. He then cleared the cache on safari and it worked. I hope that helps you!

There was a temporary issue that has been fixed in the meantime. If you are still having trouble, is likely because you are still seeing a locally cached version: if restarting your web browser doesn’t do it, try clearing the browser cache and that should make it work again.

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