Crypto Stamps?!

I recently came across the concept of a ‘Crypto Stamp’ from both Austria Post and Swiss Post and was fascinated by the idea, as a philatelist myself. These are some pictures I found of them on their official postal websites

Swiss Crypto stamp

Austrian Crypto stamp

`So… my question is do you have one? How did you get it? Are they widely available? Where can I get one?


Exploring Stamps recently did a video on them:

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I was literally just watching that video! That video was the reason behind my curiosity!

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Croatian post issued three already. First was issued last year for WSD

Then two more came along

Value for each is about 7€. I don’t have one because I just don’t like them. You can order them from the webshop of Croatian post. When this last one came along there where sold very quickly and now you can buy them “second hand” for much more money.


Okay I just read about it and it’s not the same as a matrix stamp. How interesting!

Hey :slight_smile:

I was actually so confused by these stamps. I do not understand the concept at all although I was subscribed to the newsletter by the Swiss post. Then, they did not send a newsletter on the day of issue and I was not even able to buy one. I am done with this (for the moment), and rather annoyed.

I do not understand it. Usually, there are 4 issues of stamps a year and they even have a magazine for philatelist, but these crypto stamps were issued somewhere in-between two regular issues.

Ugh, I do not care. Maybe they will issue more in the future and then I can get my hands on it.

What also confuses me is that it seems to be an exclusively collector’s item and not actual postage, because its value is so high that I would never be able to use it on postcards/letters without losing money. It just seems pointless to me since stamps are first and foremost a means to send letters, not just a collectible, imho.


Agree that these Swiss Cryptos are not “real” stamps - they don’t represent any particular postal rate and issued in insanely limited quantities (sold out nationwide in four hours, starting as of 6:00 am).