Cross stitch Handmade Postcards?

Would anyone know what count of Aida to be used if cross stitching a handmade postcard? I’m usually a paper mail artist but would like to branch out!



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Sew Crafty


I would think it depends on the pattern and composition you are going for. I have been using 14 and mounted on a card with tattered edge. Most of my patterns call for 14 or 18. And I’m mounting them on cards.

I’ve done most of mine on 14count, but I’d decide based on the size of the pattern to fit it on the card.
6x4in card will fit 84x56 stitches on 14ct, 96x64 stitches on 16ct or 108x72 stitches on 18count


How are you mounting them, if I may ask? I’ve been very curious about this but have not been sure which method to affix the aida to the card would be best.

@rabidtriangle - I’ve been using this adhesive (can be found in art supply stores or online)

I’ve only mounted cross stitch to Pantone postcards so far and I scuff up the surface with sand paper before applying the adhesive:

Finished postcard:

@Sew_Crafty_A_Woman - I’ve used 14 count. I think a small enough pattern/design is probably more important than the count of Aida. Just make sure it fits on a postcard :blush:


I’m using double sided adhesive sheet. Super easy to mount and prevents fraying of the fabric on edges


Double sided adhesive sheets is a great idea! For fraying I just blanket stitch around the edge before I even start stitching. My grandma taught me to hem it, so I guess it could be even more labor intensive hahaha.

I can’t take credit for the double sided adhesive sheet idea, just passing the info that was super helpful for me as well :slightly_smiling_face:
I meant that the fabric doesn’t fray when I cut it to the size for a card and has a nice clean edge.
Like this one for example