Creating Lenticular Postcards?

Wondering if anyone on here has made their own lenticular postcards?
If so, what company did you use?

I recently had a very small batch made using Printer’s Studio Postcards. I thought it would be fun to make a card using a maple tree in my local cemetery using photos from autumn and winter. They turned out pretty great but the backs are super slick and plastic…making them impossible to write on. I’m going to glue plain paper to the backs…but worry that they will rip in transit. Any suggestions for making the backs more ink friendly? Or better yet, what companies have you tried ?

Here’s my cemetery maple tree (showing a bit of winter & fall) and the painfully slick back.


Try to use some permanent markers like fine sharpies, cd markers or similar. They work great on such surfaces! :slight_smile:


I guess I could spray a fixative on them, just in case.

The cards have a little curve in them as well…wondering if anyone has had cards get destroyed in transit if they are 3-d or lenticular ?

Not exactly destroyed, but sometimes they got some visible scratches (on the front) when they passed the machines in the sorting centres.

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I had one arrive with a huge gouge out of it, still a lovely postcard but quite badly damaged x


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It sounds like a good idea to mail these particular cards in an envelope to avoid catastrophe.

Have y’all used any other companies to make your own?

Does anyone know from where can we buy Lenticular 3D postcards?

@shalbukhari if you just want to buy ready-made lenticular or 3d action cards, this is where I have bought some in the past!

World Wide Slides

3D Stereo