Create my own galleries

As well as the normal galleries of cards I’ve received, cards I’ve sent, cards I’ve favourited, I’d like to be able to create my own galleries of a subset of the cards I’ve received. For example sports-related cards. I’m a programmer, so (assuming postcrossing uses a tech stack I’m familiar with!) I’d be happy to implement this.


Well that would be a discussion you’d need to have with Paulo, but I suspect the extra storage requirements would be problematic given 800,000+ members.


If we could add tags to cards, and we had the ability to search by tags; that would be a way to have personal galleries.
The question would be if the tags were public or private.


It would be cool to be able to search cards with spesific topic, even if there would be limited amount…

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Before that happends I have linked my albums Lemontoffy´s postcards | in my profile. Many does that. Some have flickr albums or something else, I choosed zonerama. Did you mean this kind of galleries inside postcrossing?

Assuming that there’s a relational database the storage requirements should be trivial. You need a table of user ids and gallery names/ids, and a table of card ids and gallery ids.

Assuming that all ids are 64 bit, that’s 50-ish bytes for each row in the first table (assuming a VARCHAR(32) for gallery names) and 16 bytes for each row in the second. That’s 50-ish bytes per gallery plus 16 bytes per card that is in a gallery.

Most users won’t use the feature, most who do won’t use it for all their cards. Assume 100,000 users each create 10 galleries each with 100 cards as a worst case scenario (this is more cards than have been sent, by the way), that’s 50 MB for the galleries, and 1.6GB for the cards in the galleries, ignoring overhead for things like indexes. If that makes something run out of space then it’s going to run out of space next week anyway as people upload photos of their cards!

Yes, like that but without having to upload the cards to another site.