Countries you want to see more postcrossers

South East Asian countries, Middle Eastern countries, and African countries.


I would also like to interact with more Postcrossers from African countries, especially Ethiopia. But how to encourage participation when the cost of postage can be very high and in some places the postal service is not very reliable?


Thanks for many comments!
Well, it might be difficult to receive from african countries, so-called “developing” because of economic situations. For such reasons I mentioned at first only economic stabilized countries. Without that I’d love to receive from African, too.

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Overall I wish for more postcrossers in all the countries with very little members, from South-America to Africa etc. But here are some specific ones.

Denmark because it’s the only nordic country where I have not sent nor received a card. I know their postages are super high, but I still wishes for more members at least.

Estonia because its always fast to receive and send cards there, and I have really enjoyed all the Estonian cards I have seen on this site!

South-Korea because it’s right there in east Asia between China and Japan, who have many members. I would love to see more members as Korea has popular pop culture and would love to see that in Postcrossing.

Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines because they are popular holiday destinations, but would love to see more members who indeed live there. Vietnam is the one with least members I think, but the for two others I still need more, I love their postcards!


Mongolia :mongolia:


It is true that it is best to stick to countries where it is indeed possible for people to send postcards, not places where it is logistically difficult and super expensive…

I guess for me one would be South Korea, I never sent there and received only once. And it is a fascinating place, though I have not been there yet. I guess one thing might be that English is not so well spoken there (I think!). But then we have many members from many countries with just basic English that still get by.


Thank you to many postcrossers that want to see more postcrossers from Southeast Asia (ASEAN) I want to see more postcrossers in ASEAN, too.

But in Thailand, due to the increasing of postage fee for postcard (from THB 15 to THB 35-40), the new postcrossers aren’t increase rapidly and sent postcards aren’t growth as many countries, especially when we compare with Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Moreover, Postcrossing algorithm that usually random the destination in Europe or America, more than in Asia or ASEAN countries for Thais postcrossers. (I think Postcrossing should set more proper algorithm for fairly random and sending.)

And did you know? I’ve joined Postcrossing for one and a half year, I received a postcard from South Korea, but I’ve never sent any postcard to South Korea at all.


Agree!! I have so many nations that I have never received a postcard from. Certainly, costs of postage from those nations may be an issue but it would be great to get cards from those nations where the stats show us very few postcards (if any) are sent/received.

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If I received a postcard from Chad and New Guinea, I could die a happy man.

African continent, hands down.


South Africa would be really nice.
Trinidad and Tobago would be a personal favourite but anywhere in Caribbean…


Argentina and Chile would be my votes


my last batch was all Germany, it’s usually a good route, but for some reason they are all still travelling (addresses requested Jan 25th, even counting the few days I usually take to write them, they usually don’t take that much).

I would want to see more Italy, honestly, I never got the chance to send officially to my own country, it’s rare and I am still at less than 100 sent, but I would like to get one eventually.

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Didn’t you forget to check “ Check if you would like to also send and receive postcards to and from your own country.” on profile setting?

Greetings from a country with very few participants and almost no postcards sent (My last one had ID 280 or so) :wink:
First of all, it’s very difficult to even find postcards here - for now, I’ve discovered 3 places, all of them in Livingstone in the South of the country (1 at the Victoria Falls, 1 in a 5 star hotel and 1 at the airport), none in the capital where most people live - especially those with higher income.
The workers at the (main!) post office stare at me like an alien whenever I come with postcards and couldn’t tell me the postage.
Then mail delivery can take from 4 weeks (very rarely) to 7-8 months. This leads to few official postcards being able to travel even if you had time capacity to send more.
But most important: It’s nothing locals here are used to use. When you want to send holiday greetings, you send a photo on WhatsApp. And we don’t have fixed mailboxes in front of houses here so you’d have to pay for a P.O. Box and check it regularly.

I hope this gives a better understanding. As far as I’ve seen it for now, it’s similar in other Sub-Saharan countries. Additionally, postage in e.g. Zimbabwe is insanely high.


No I didn’t forget about that :slightly_smiling_face:

I had some great trades with a woman in South Africa, she sent wonderful animal cards. Its surprising we dont see more from there as it has a strong economy, tourism, and historic ties to Europe


South Korea - I’ve been watching a lot of K-Dramas but haven’t seen any postcards from there yet and would love one.

Estonia & Latvia - I know very little about these countries so would love to see and know more via postcrossing.

South Africa - I sent one postcard here and found it very interesting when I read the profile. I want to see and know more!


How about Bulgaria!?

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I’m new here so I’ve only sent out eight postcards so far (hoping at least one of my currently travelling five arrives soon so that I can send more!) but I was disappointed to see there aren’t any postcrossers in Gabon! I’ve been following some Gabon blogs on instagram and the scenes - from the rainforests to the beaches to Loango National Park - are absolutely breathtaking! I’d love to visit someday, and would be so happy for the opportunity to correspond with someone Gabonese :slight_smile:

Africa and all kind islands!!! Fiji!!!