Countries you receive cards from

Hi everyone,
Do you mostly receive cards from the countries with the most Postcrossers, or do you get a mix of countries represented?


Generally I get a fairly even mix, with slightly larger amounts of postcards from the larger countries, but still a nice amount of ‘rarer’ ones.
This week was a bit different however, at least when it comes to official postcrossing cards, I received a massive amount of cards from Germany, not that I mind though.
It was sort of a nice experience having a literal stack of postcards instead of one or two for once. (Which happened thanks to Germany being the neighboring country, plus I had been inactive for a bit, while still sending.)
Also, many people wrote to me in German, so I got to brush up my very rusty and frankly probably awful German skills when replying to them in the thank you message.


About half of my received postcards come from just five countries: Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Finland, and Taiwan. The other half are a smattering of other countries. Since I’m more of a “message” kind of person and don’t usually pay attention to the country specifically, I’m more interested that the cards come from individuals. I think I would be more disappointed if I got two postcards from the same person who has multiple accounts than if I had a stack 50 of cards from the same country but they were all from different people.

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According to my Stats page, 20.5% of my received cards come from Germany, 12.something from the USA, and 9.9% from Russia.
So I’d say yes, the big ones play a big part. Then it’s Finland and Netherlands with 5.something each. It’s funny because I don’t feel like I receive much from them, especially Netherlands.

Mine mostly arrive from Germany, USA and Russia, but as a result of the pandemic, I receive quite a sizeable number from Malaysia (as Malaysians are only allowed to send to Singapore for now) and Indonesia.

I do get a mix of other countries too, but in smaller quantities. E.g. Japan, Taiwan, China, Belarus, Ukraine…

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I’ve received cards from Belarus, Russia, China, Malaysia, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Finland, Taiwan, Germany.

I would love to receive postcards from Italy, France, Sweden, Hungary, Portugal and Cuba, Argentina among others.

Love the stamps that come with the cards.

Yes! I received a lot from Malaysia and Indonesia a few months back, and I am expecting more now that I am receiving again (it always takes me a long time to balance the number and receive more cards, and I was briefly inactive to avoid Christmas stuff).

I’ve never sent or received to/from Italy and Hungary, even after 4 years and 300+ cards!
Latin America is extremely rare, so I am not even thinking about those countries (I received one from someone in Canada who had been to Cuba, that was quite cool).


Well maybe it’s the algorithm, which is why I’m going to put up a postcard swap for postcards from these countries :slight_smile: Who knows? Might just get lucky!

Germany, Russia, USA, Netherlands and Belarus are the most frequent recipients for both receiving and sending. But for almost ten years in postcrossing, I only once received a postcard from Guernsey, North Macedonia, Argentina, Ghana, the Aland Islands and neighboring Kazakhstan.

I’ve received over 100 cards each from Germany and Russia. The next closest countries are in the 50s and 40s, and those are the Netherlands, China, Finland, and Taiwan. Rounding out the top 10 are Belarus, UK, Japan and the US.

With just a bit under 800 cards received, I’ve received from 55 countries. I’m okay with that.

I’m new to Postcrossing but i recieved 3 cards from Germany and two from the US :slight_smile:

Today I received card number 777 and so far they have been from 62 different countries. More than half of them are from Russia, the US, the Netherlands, Finland and Taiwan.

Ooh now I checked that stat too… My 312 received come from 42 countries.

872 cards from 48 countries.
31.4% Germany
13.3% USA
10.3% Russia