Countries stepping down

Hi, maybe I am the only one… but are the countries with fewer member getting even less members? I have set up the functionality (not checked):

Check if you prefer to have several postcards travelling to the same country at the same time.

At the moment I have 12 cards travelling: 4 to Russia, 3 to Germany and 2 to the U.S.A. I know the system needs to balance the countries, but it would be nice to see it a little more balanced.


it would be nice if the people who deserve to receive cards get their cards, wherever they live. because we are sending to people and not countries.


Hi, thank for your view… to be clear I send every card with as much dedication no matter which country! Otherwise I would not have so many travelling cards to the same country. I accept the system.

I was just wondering if the smaller countries (the ones with fewer members) are being overshadowed by the bigger ones (and I know the Netherlands belongs to the bigger ones).


Does it matter where your cards go? I send cards to people, not countries.


To me it does… but that’s not my question!!!


We all do, but still isn’t it fun having different destinations for your cards?


Not really, it is fun to receive cards from exotic places but sent cards are just names on a list in the end.


That’s sad to read.

At the same time you talk about sending cards


And criticizing @Goflix for wanting different countries


@Goflix Maybe your country can’t send to every country right now? So you get addies only from the other countries.


I think covid-19 affects this too. For example Finnish post doesn’t deliver post to 157 countries and nearly all of those are rare countries. I don’t know the situation for Dutch Post though, I’m just guessing. :blush:


Hi, everyone has their own reasons for postcrossing… I know sending and receiving are a bit different, but I like the cards to give my kids a broader view of the world and that’s why I like to have different countries.

Still, I am wondering if the participation of the big countries is growing, while the smaller ones are falling behind.


@Robin67 Hi, I live in the Netherlands… so I can send to anywhere in the world (I think)… :slight_smile:

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@Goflix Your’re lucky, I can’t send to my penpals in Trinidad and Bermuda for over a year now! :frowning:

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@nnniiina Hi, that’s new to me… I thought we still could send mail to the ‘world’… might be worth checking out… but this would not affect the postcrossing system?

: just found out we (the Netherlands) are not sending anything to:
Brunei, Bhutan, Ecuador, Guinee Bissau, Laos, Libya, Montserrat, Sao Tome and Principe South Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Yemen.

No cards going that way at the moment…

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I think that both “bigger” and “smaller” countries are growing, just the smaller ones more slowly. You only sent below 200 cards so far, so naturally you haven’t had contact with so many countries so far. But even for long-time Postcrossers, rare countries stay rare. :smiley: I have 47 cards traveling at the moment and 18 of them are to either Germany/USA/Russia. Maybe you have friends or relatives in smaller countries you could tell about Postcrossing?
With so many members of a few countries, it’s clear that we all send there more than to rarer ones. I fear there’s no way of changing these ratios.

PS: You sent to Venezuela, Iceland, Moldova already! Those are pretty rare in fact. :smiley:


There are several threads about this already, but the bottom line is: those are the most common countries on Postcrossing by activity/number of members, there is no escaping the fact that you will get Russia, USA and Germany over and over again (and a bit more if you have “repeated countries” ticked). This is also explained in the FAQs (without mentioning the countries as that might change, apparently Finland was the most common in early days while it’s not so common now!).
So it’s not about other countries decreasing activity, the fact is that those 3 countries overshadow everything else so massively :slight_smile:


@Axolotl_ I have one going to Macao at the moment… but hasn’t arrived yet :slight_smile:

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You can check at the Postal Monitor, which countries are affected with blicked mail routes.

To your original question: Yes, I think in countries where Postcrossing is popular, more people will try it out, when there’s only one Postcrosser in a country it’s harder to spread it.


See, with my over 3,000 cards I only sent to Macao three times or so. So you have a very good ratio. :slight_smile: