Countries or flags at user list?

At the old forum you could list users for example by location (if a person had added location).

Could it be possible here at the Users list to add country name or flag? Or include country to the search? Now it searces from user name and real name, right?

I’m afraid there’s no way to add the location to the users list. That is a custom field we import from Postcrossing and it is not natively supported by this forum software. The only way is to click on each avatar to see the persons location on their usercard. On the upside, unlike in the old forum, every forum account has the location set — just not searchable for.

Yep, that’s right.

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But you can use the search function on the main site ( and it should give you the same answers (except if the member isn’t on the forum of course).

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@paulo and @Silpa , how come you have flags (EU and Finland respectively) next to your user name but @thibcabe doesn’t?
I tried looking at the profile settings but couldn’t find one to choose a flag.

Nix that, I found it! :see_no_evil: Made myself a European as well :blush: