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Perhaps a similar topic already exists on the forum, but I haven’t found it yet. I’ve been doing postcrossing for only 4 months, and I became curious about how many countries I’ve sent postcards to and received from. Since I’m still a bit active on Instagram, I counted the total number. As of today, I’ve received postcards from 25 countries. I’ve sent postcards to 34 countries :slight_smile: Two postcards (Costa Rica and Kazakhstan) are still on their way, so I don’t count them yet. Have you ever counted how many countries you’ve received postcards from and how many you’ve sent to?

P.S. Excuse my poor English :slightly_smiling_face:


You can look up that number in you “Stats” page - it’s in the “Postcard” menu on the official site. You can look at sent and received cards together or just select one of them. I do go there every now and then, sometimes it helps to set our own prejudices about slow or rare countries straight. :wink:


Oh, yes, I’ve already looked at my numbers. What numbers do you have?)) :wink:

I also look at the list siobhan mentioned. Of course it comprises only the official cards, not swaps nor cards from other forum games.
I had contact to PVers in 90 countries so far, well after more than 10 years.


a little less than half of the possible ones :slight_smile: But this is a colossal amount and so cool :v:


Sent to 115 countries, received from 108. :wink:


Yes, but many countries do not have a single postcrosser, e. g. in Africa, where they might have more severe issues than just a bad postal service.

this is very cool and inspires me to continue this journey at the beginning of which I am now :bouquet:


Well, I think it’s a matter of luck. Maybe one day you will receive a postcard from there from travel mode? Or by another unexpected coincidence :face_with_peeking_eye:


The other day I got a card from Morocco, sent by a Dutch person in travel mode.


Welcome to Postcrossing!
Your English is not poor at all.

It is fun tracking how many new countries you send and receive from. If you go and look in the Games/Bingo area you will see that in previous years people set up a new bingo for new Postcrossers that year, to join and count/celebrate their new countries sent/received together.

It’s a great way to meet a bunch of people who joined at around the same time as you, and with whom you can make some of your Postcrossing journey together. I set up the New Members Bingo in 2021 and many of us are now counting into our 40 and 50 new sent and received countries. But more importantly, we chat and send each other congrats cards and it feels like a little group of friends. I’m very thankful to have them!

I don’t know if a similar one has been set up for 2023 members…but if it hasn’t, you could always reach out to the Bingo moderator…and ask about starting up your own. Then you can count new countries with friends!


It never even occurred to me to look that up, but now I have!

I’ve sent to 106 countries and have received from 94 countries. That said I once got a card/stamp/postmark from a very rare country with a German ID. So that was especially super (for me ID and country of the card don’t have to match. If card, stamp and postmark match, that is super! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)


I have 176 sent and 176 received.
I have sent to 37 countries and received from 34.
I have another 3 traveling to 3 new countries but unfortunately 2 of those are long expired.

I nice rainbow, 38 different countries

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I have 429 sent and 431 received.
I have sent to 48 countries and received from 48, in some case not the same countries…

I have 512 sent and 514 received.
I have sent to 50 countries and received from 47.