Countdown to GR-80000

So! It is about time, that my country, Greece, reach a small milestone number. This is the countdown to GR-80000. So far, I have pulled GR-79059, going to Canada. Let’s see your number.


Thank you for starting this countdown @nikos8109 ! :tada:
Are we counting down until someone pulls GR-80000 or when it’s registered?

My latest traveling postcard is GR-79057 and it’s going to Russia.

We are counting down, until someone pulls it. Like every other postcard, we can only hope it to be registered. Whoever pulls it, we stop :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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My current guess is that GR-80000 is going to be drawn on August 1, 2021 and it will be traveling to Russia!

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GR-79077 to Germany, GR-79078 to Netherlands, GR-79079 to United Kingdom.

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GR-79250 to USA - we’re 750 draws away :slight_smile:

GR-79300 to Sweden! We are closing in

GR-79403 to USA - less than 600 draws to go! Maybe I have to rethink my first guess of August 1 to an earlier date :open_mouth:

Im gonna predict 29th of July!

I draw GR-79495 yesterday and GR-79524 today so I’m definitely re-guessing the date.
My new guess is that GR-80000 will be drawn on July 10th 2021 and it will be going to Russia :ru: :smiley:

I drew GR-79522 today, which is the highest number so far

Maybe you mean GR-79525? Cause I draw GR-79524 yesterday

No it was 79522, but I meant the higher for me. Sorry. My mistake,I should have clarified it

GR-79580 to Germany :de:

420 left!


GR-79634 today,to USA

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GR-79640 to Poland :poland: (that’s the first time I draw Poland btw :tada: )

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GR-79653 going to Finland!


GR-79666, travels to USA

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GR-79719 4/5
GR-79722 5/5

δεν προχωραει πολυ το πραγμα

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Gr-79724 to Canada. 11 ώρες μετά, μόνο 2 νούμερα…