🎯 Countdown to 67 million registered cards

We have already passed almost 5% of the way to the level of 67 million postcards registered.
Therefore, I am initiating a new thread dedicated to this countdown. Hope nobody minds? :slight_smile:

For newbies:
Here we keep records of the way traveled to the level of 67 million postcards registered. And we make predictions about the moment when this will happen.

On the Postcrossing home page, you can find out how many postcards are registered in the game at the moment:

And here you can see monthly statistics on registered postcards:

Based on this, we can assume when we cross the level of 67 million.

Please make your predictions of date and time in UTC format:

Well, based on the results of this countdown, we will see whose predictions were the most accurate, taking into account the distance from which they were made, and I will send a prize postcard to the most talented diviner.

The counting method is outlined here.

Let’s go!


I would say May 26 at 19:42 UTC :blush:
And I guess we’ll go halfway on April 15 at 04:15 (UTC)

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My initial prediction:
May 19, 2022 at 00:00 (UTC) (midnight from 18 to 19 May).

And I guess on April 12 in the evening we will go halfway.

This time im going to say :crystal_ball::crystal_ball:

May 13, at 03:42 UTC

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May 23rd at 18.48 UTC

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May 17th, 17.05 UTC

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June 13th, 13.06 UTC

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May 25th 19:25 UTC

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May 16th 18.30 UTC

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On my son’s 4th birthday and at the time he was born converted to UTC :rofl:. June 8, 2022 17:04 UTC

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So, we have 9 predictions for now.
The distribution of predictions on the timeline looks like this.
Maximum betting density corresponds to the moment of May 18, 2022 12:36.

It’s just a curious calculation.
The Collective Unconscious may well be delusional.

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May 20th 20.00 UTC :thinking:

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The :earth_asia: needs :heart: and :peace_symbol:

890,111 to go

05:22 UTC

a card from FR via IE to DE


I will correct my prediction.
67 mio level – 23 May, 2022 at 00:00 (UTC) (midnight from 22nd to 23rd of May)
And we will go halfway (66,500,000) on April 14, 2022 in afternoon.

19th May, pm UTC

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19th May

02:20 UTC

AT to CH

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There are several events that have a noticeable impact on the overall trend of postcards received.

  1. It’s Christmas + New Year. It is global.
    Traffic begins to fall around December 20 and recovers only by mid-January.

  2. Easter. The peculiarity of Easter is that these are dates that change from year to year. It is also interesting that for Catholics and Orthodox, these dates usually do not coincide.
    This 2022, Catholic Easter will take place on April 17, and Orthodox Easter will take place on April 24.
    The decline in traffic is not as significant as at Christmas, but it is also noticeable.

  3. And I also noticed that a gradual decline occurs in the first decade of May. Which, apparently, is connected with the May holidays, which are popular in Russia and a number of other countries, when most people go on vacation for 1-2 weeks.
    I do not know exactly how this will appear itself this year in connection with geopolitics.

Factor #2 and #3 can influence when the trend crosses the level of 67 million postcards received.

760213 cards to go, so in the next few days the one quarter milestone will pass.

My prediction for the 67 miillion… mhm … 1 June 2022

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This cannot be ruled out.
One of my calculation methods gives the date May 28th (not too far from yours). But I am not yet ready to declare this as a prediction. Let’s see.

I can only more or less definitely say that we will pass halfway on April 15 in the evening. And it’s a day later than I thought before.

691 741 cards to go :blush: