🎯 Countdown to 66 million registered cards

We have already passed almost 3% of the way to the level of 66 million postcards registered.
Therefore, I am initiating a new thread dedicated to this countdown. Hope nobody minds? :slight_smile:

For newbies:
Here we keep records of the way traveled to the level of 66 million postcards registered. And we make predictions about the moment when this will happen.

On the Postcrossing home page, you can find out how many postcards are registered in the game at the moment:

And here you can see monthly statistics on registered postcards:

Based on this, we can assume when we cross the level of 66 million.

Please make your predictions of date and time in UTC format:

Well, based on the results of this countdown, we will see whose predictions were the most accurate, taking into account the distance from which they were made, and I will send a prize postcard to the most talented diviner.

The counting method is outlined here.

Let’s go!


Thank you @greenskull for starting this. I’ve watched the last couple of countdowns with interest, and plenty of awe at the dividers skill. May I join in?

I’m going for a guess based on very little maths of:

16 March 2022, 20:00

card from DE to US


Honestly, I have no clue - it’s the average-over-the-last-years vs. troubles-of-the-20s. And symbolism vs. optimism …

966,167 to go

21st of March, 2022
00:22 UTC

a card from
CA to US (pronounce as Chaos ,-) )


Ha-ha, I like your prediction, Stefan, as mine completely coincides with it.
In general, which is somewhat unexpected for me.
I guess the Moment of Truth is March 21, 2022 at 14:35.

We’ll be halfway there on February 11, 2022 at midday.



I’m going with Tuesday 15th March 2022 at 19:00 UTC.

Card from AU to DE :yum:.

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My ‘stats’…which were rigorously compiled (NOT) actually suggested Monday 14th…but I’m of the mind that Monday is not a ‘big’ mail day…and is often a public holiday (which I didn’t want to research). So my rigorous calculations simply bumped it back a day :rofl: (polishes off crystal ball and shelves it…).


20 march 2022

03:20 UTC


Let me try also! I’ll say March 10th, by 14:42 and a card from DE to GB :grin::crystal_ball::crystal_ball:

(I think there’re still rainy days ahead for north hemisphere persons, and we’ll write a lot of cards in those days :laughing::laughing::laughing:)


Let me guess :

18th March 2022 (alright that’s optimistic)
20:22 UTC

NL to FI


My first guess in any of the countdowns…

2022-3-13 01:26 UTC


I guess that this will happen on March 17, at 03:17


Given the current 9 predictions, this is what we have.


It’s time to update the data on the Postcrossing Wikipedia page.
I mean the Postcards exchanged per month graph (now it is limited by June 2019) and Postcard Milestones (now it is limited by 63 mio).

Unfortunately, I can’t edit Wikipedia. Therefore, it is better if someone more experienced does it.

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I will change my prediction though :blush: I think it will happen March 8 at 20:03


I predict even earlier.

6 March 1810 UTC

We passed the quarter of the way point during the night.

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4th March at 14:22 utc time


Can I please bring my prediction forward now that we are over 1/3 of the way there?

10 March 2022 at 20:00 UTC.
Card from DE to US


Something strange is happening.
I can definitely say that we will pass halfway on February 4, 2022 in the morning.
It is 5 days earlier (!) as I thought before.

My forecast regarding the passage of the level of 66 million will remain unchanged for the time being.


My prediction is

March, 12th 14:12 UTC :smiley:

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536720 to go

Would be great if halfway will pass on 4th Feb, Mail Carrier Day. :postcard:

Very unlike, but I guess 22.02.2022 for the 66 Million :slight_smile:

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