Confusing date format mix

I’ve just got confused while answering a forum post by a member. I read this information on her forum user card (or whatever it’s called…)

I’m using the Italian interface and I didn’t pay enough attention to the date formats. I thought this member had joined Postcrossing in September 2014, but it was 14 September 2005.
Can we have the option to change the date format for “Postcrosser since”? It would be great if it matched the “forum joined in” format.


All you have to do is click the avatar to find the joined forum date.

Is it what you want to find? Or am I misunderstanding the question?

I think the issue is not so much that the date is hard to find — it’s that the forum is using two different formats to display dates, and not being very consistent as to whether the day goes before or after the month. :thinking:

Since the “Postcrosser since:” bit is imported by us, we can probably tweak it to match the software’s format. I’ll tag @paulo here so he can have a look tomorrow!


I’m afraid you misunderstood me. :wink:

Thank you, guys! :blush:

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Do you mean these 2 dates?
Both the same format for me.
Am I wrong again? :sweat_smile:

I think it must happen only in another language setting than rhe default english.

I have my settings in German and the same format a Mikebond.

  1. Okt. 20 as Forum date and Jan. 26. 08 as Postcrossing date.

And another thing about date format:
If I want to add a bookmark manually, I always get confused about month and day. I would write day-month-year, but it needs to be month-day-year, and then it saves as year-month-day.

But I 'm afraid that there’s not much possible, to make the date format in that field accepting european date format?

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I am using the interface in Italian. The Forum joined date (“Iscritto”) is Day-Month-Year. This is the format we use in Italian.
The “Postcrosser since” field doesn’t match this format: it’s month-day-year.

By the way, @meiadeleite and @paulo, is there a way to have both years displayed as YYYY, not 'YY?

I’m afraid I can’t localize that field to the language being used as it is hardcoded by the main website on the login moment (ie, Discourse doesn’t see a date to customise, just a string).

I can however, make it have the full year, so instead of Oct 21, '20, it could show something like Oct 21, 2020 to remove the ambiguity. Would that help?


Can you screenshot the bit you are talking here?


This is what I try to enter (on a smartphone) into the field (wrong fromat, so it says the date is invalid, when I want to save it)

It must be entered like this:

And then will be saved like that:

I hope this is clearer now.

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Ah — I never type it because on desktop there’s a date picker that doesn’t seem to appear on mobile.

For some reason, this format doesn’t work for me either. It’s only accepting YYYY-MM-DD for me. Can you double-check that it accepts DD-MM-YYYY for you? Perhaps this is due to having the language set to German, but let me know what you find.

I believe the format that this is using is not location dependent (it’s also not the US format), but the international date format. Perhaps not ideal, but this by itself is not a bug. I have no way to change this I’m afraid, but I agree it should at least be consistent with what it accepts on input and how it is saved, and perhaps it would be a good idea have a placeholder text with the format.

Let’s figure out first the DD-MM-YYYY doubt above and depending on what we find, I might forward it to the Discourse team for them to consider addressing it.

It accepts MM-DD-YYYY, but changes it immediately to YYYY-MM-DD. I tested it again. DD-MM-YYYY don’t work.

Yes, that would be a good idea.

For the time, there is a time picker ( a clock). So I wonder why this isn’t possible with a calendar as well. If you contact Discourse, that’s also a question for them.

I have reported the lack of date picker on mobile to the Discourse team. Will follow up here about it if there’s any meaningful updates.

Meanwhile, I have updated the “Postcrossing since” field to use the full year to remove the current ambiguity. Each persons profile will be updated as their session expires and automatically re-authenticates with the main website (which may take up to 1 week). To force it, one can logout & login again on the forum (to be clear, this updates one’s profile, not how you see everyone else’s).

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Discourse had already implemented a date picker for mobile: we will get it on this forum on a future update when it’s released on a stable version of the software.