Common road name in your country

Road name is an important part of an address, so I would like to introduce a common road name for you.
I think the most common road name in China is Zhongshan, means Sun Wen(Sun Yat-sen), people highly prize him in history, we also call him “Sun Zhongshan(孙中山)” - that’s why almost each city in China has a road named Zhongshan Road(中山路).
If you would like to know more, you can see this article: Sun Yat-sen - Wikipedia

What about common road name in your country?


Hi :slight_smile: The most common road names in Finland are the following:

Rantatie (Bank/Beach road)
Kirkkotie (Church road)
Koulutie (School road)
Teollisuustie (Industry/Factory road)
Rinnetie (Hillside road)
Myllytie (Mill road)


Apparently the most common in Australia are:
George St.
King St. - I think I know one of these in Melbourne!
William St. - I definitely remember there being one of these in Adelaide.

Outside of road names it’s also not uncommon for things to be named in the Aboriginal language of the local area, and I like that a lot :slight_smile: We have place names like Boroondara, Onkaparinga, etc. They’re hard for some people to say at first especially if you’re not familiar with them, but I think it makes Australia extra special.


MG road (Mahatma Gandhi road)
In India


Hello! I’m now in Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital of Hebei Province. Founded in 1925, Shijiazhuang is a young city with the history of 98 years and it’s the 2nd youngest provincial capital after Haikou, Hainan Province.

With the young but glorious history, the road name in Shijiazhuang is usually about war, peace, hope, revolution and socialism and communism. There’re 8 districts called Chang’an, Qiaoxi, Xinhua, Yuhua, Gaocheng, Luancheng, Luquan and Jingxing Kuangqu; 11 counties called Jingxing, Zhengding, Xingtang, Lingshou, Gaoyi, Shenze, Zanhuang, Wuji, Pingshan, Yuanshi and Zhaoxian; 2 county-level cities called Jinzhou and Xinle. Xinji was also a county-level city in Shijiazhuang but it’s the provincial-control county-level city under the Hebei Province since May 2013.

The structure of Shijiazhuang is like a chessboard, which is the common road network structure in northern China, except coastal cities like Tianjin and Dalian. In Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital of Hebei Province, every road goes east-westward always after with “LU” (Road) and that goes north-southward always after with “JIE” or “DAJIE” (Street or Avenue). So you could find your way easily in Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital of Hebei Province.

The names of some major roads and avenues in Shijiazhuang are:
(According to the road sign format in Shijiazhuang)

HEPING LU 和平路 - to remember it’s the peace era now. 33.3km
ZHONGSHAN LU 中山路 - to remember Sun Yat-Sen, the pater patriae of China and the first president of Republic of China. Shijiazhuang’s major business and shopping avenue. The Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 is most coincident with this avenue. 22.7km
YUHUA LU 裕华路 - to wish China glorious, strong, wealthy and free. It’s the welcome avenue of Shijiazhuang. There once was a highway toll-gate called Shijiazhuang at the east end of this avenue and 3 big characters 石家庄 above it. However, the toll-gate was demolished due to the civil update.

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I have absolutely no evidence to support these thoughts, but I’d say the following roads would be the most common in the UK:

  • High Street: the main street in a town with the businesses on. Pretty much every town will have a road with this name.

  • Main Road/Street: as above.

  • Station Road: the road that leads (or lead) to the station: villages, towns and cities almost all have (or did have) stations.

  • Church Road/Street/Lane: the road that leads (or lead) to the church: and there’s lots of those.


In the US

1st 2nd 3rd and so on




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In Germany:

Hauptstraße (Main Street)
Dorfstraße (Village Road)
Bahnhofsstraße (Station Road)
Kirchstraße (Church Road)
Schillerstraße (Schiller Road/Street)
Goethestraße (Goethe Road/Street)
Friedhofstraße (Cemetary Road/Street)
Beethovenstraße (Beethoven Road/Street)

Instead of Straße (street / road) it might end with Weg (road / path). But those above are the most common according to some online articles (top being most common).


MG road is famous here,
Or Sardar Patel Road
And Tagore Road is also famous here

Many of our names are given from name of our freedom fighters and leaders

And some are road names related to nearest Town/village,
In my city, major road is Kalawad road, this road leads to kalwad town
Another is Kuvadva Road, which leads to Kuvadva Village

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In France

1st: Rue de l’Église (Church Street) : 7965 in total
2nd: Place de l’Église (Church Square) : 5755 in total
3rd: Grande Rue (Main Street) : just under 4000 in total


Some other common UK ones (again, backed by zero evidence):

  • London Road
  • Queen’s Road/Street
  • King’s Road/Street
  • Mill Road/Street/Lane
  • Chapel Road/Street/Lane
  • Bridge Street/Lane

And roads named after tree species (Oak Road, Beech Close, etc.). Often when a new housing development is built, the developers name the roads after trees as there’s lots of them and they’re pretty inoffensive and uncontroversial.


In the Netherlands these are the ten most common:

Kerkstraat (Church Street)
Schoolstraat (School Street)
Molenstraat (Mill Street)
Dorpsstraat (Village Street)
Molenweg (Mill Road)
Julianastraat (Juliana is a former Queen of the Netherlands)
Parallelweg (Parallel Road)
Nieuwstraat (New Street)
Wilhelminastraat (Wilhelmina is also a former Queen)
Sportlaan (Sport Street)

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In Pennsylvania, the most common road name is Maple.

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I was curious and run a quick search. Apparently (according to our Main Statistics Department GUS) this is the result:

  1. Polna (3046) - Field Street
  2. Leśna (2870) - Forest Street
  3. Słoneczna (2265) - Sunny Street
  4. Krótka (2209) - Short Street
  5. Szkolna (2148) - School Street
  6. Ogrodowa (2116) - Garden Street
  7. Lipowa (1601) - Linden Street
  8. Łąkowa (1457) - Meadow Street
  9. Brzozowa (1434) - Birch Street
  10. Kwiatowa (1407) - Flower Street
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The most common road names in my country :slovakia: are:

  1. Hlavná - Main Street
  2. Školská - School Street
  3. Nová - New Street
  4. Družstevná - Cooperative Street
  5. Krátka - Short Street
  6. Cintorínska - Cemetery Street
  7. Záhradná - Garden Street
  8. Športová - Sport Street
  9. Mlynská - Mill Street
  10. Polná - Field Street

And here are the most common street names in Russia:

  1. Центральная (Tsentral’naya) - Central Street (there is in my city)
  2. Молодёжная (Molodyozhnaya) - Youth Street (there is in my city)
  3. Школьная (Shkol’naya) - School Street (there is in my city)
  4. Лесная (Lesnaya) - Forest Street (there is in my city)
  5. Садовая (Sadovaya) - Garden Street (there is in my city)
  6. Советская (Sovetskaya) - Soviet Street (there is in my city)
  7. Новая (Novaya) - New Street (there is in my city)
  8. Набережная (Naberezhnaya) - Embankment (there is in my city)
  9. Заречная (Zarechnaya) - Transriver Street (there is in my city)
  10. Зелёная (Zelyonaya) - Green Street

Maple is also the most common in New Jersey. For the rest of the United States, the list is below. Ironically, Second Street is more popular then First Street, since First Street is sometimes called Main Street, Front Street, or some unique name of famous people in that town. Since Second Street is always Second, it is first on the list.

Top 15 in the USA:

  1. Second
  2. Third
  3. First
  4. Fourth
  5. Park
  6. Fifth
  7. Main
  8. Sixth
  9. Oak
  10. Seventh
  11. Pine
  12. Maple
  13. Cedar
  14. Eight
  15. Elm

When it’s about personalities (well-known persons):

Charles de Gaulle
Louis Pasteur
Victor Hugo
Jean Jaurès
Jean Moulin
Léon Gambetta
Général Leclerc
Jules Ferry
Maréchal Foch
Georges Clémenceau

source : SOCIÉTÉ. Le top 10 des noms les plus donnés à vos rues

Here in Chile these are the most popular street names:

  • Arturo Prat (national hero who died in the Iquique Naval Combat during the Pacific War in 1879)
  • Esmeralda (the name of the vessel that Arturo Prat captained)
  • Manuel Rodríguez (national hero from the Independence War)
  • Gabriela Mistral (first Chilean Nobel Prize of Literature)
  • Los Aromos (common tree in Chile)
  • Las Rosas (“the roses”, common flower)
  • Caupolicán (Mapuche leader who led the resistance of his people against the Spanish Conquistadors)
  • Lautaro (Mapuche leader who led the resistance of his people against the Spanish Conquistadors)
  • Los Alerces (common tree)
  • Los Copihues (national flower of Chile)

Norway joins the list with many similar names to those already mentioned.

Fjellveien (lit. Mountain, but more likely to be on a hillside
Industriveien (Industry)
Skoleveien (School)
Kirkeveien (Church)
Åsveien (Hill
Strandveien (lit. Beach, but anything along the waterfront, really)
Parkveien (Park)

The llist of unusual names is far more interesting. You have ‘The Half Ass’ (not the animal) and Setersetersetra ( a seter is a summer farm in the mountains where cows were sent to graze, so this could be translated to ‘The Farmfarmfarm’. In Oslo, apparently they have ‘Problem Road’ and ‘The Microwave’. We have a ‘The Spermbank’, and near me there seems to be one called something I would have to translate to ‘The Dickhead’. And there seems to more than one ‘Nameless’.