Collecting/tracking stamps from the postcards

I’m not a stamp collector and don’t want to damage a card taking off the stamps.

However for me it’s interesting to track the stamps I’ve seen on the cards I received.
Do you know if there some place exists in the Internet where I can mark a stamp as ‘I have’?
So I’ll see if I ‘collected’ all the cards from the series, for example.

I know that I can keep it locally, but maybe some more convenient place already exists?

I’ve seen another member here use I tried it, but it seems mostly Russia based and hard to use in the US, so I can’t provide much more about it.

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oh, thanks for letting me know!
Russin is ok for me, so I think that I can try to use it and understand if it’s a something I’m searching for :slight_smile:

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Hands down Yes. It even has a stamp image search functionality (they even have a dedicated app for it)

Second place/alternative:


Yes, thank you :heart:
I’m already using colnect for collecting my stamps and for searching (aha, I also found an application).

I know about stampworld - it’s my favourite place to find a certain stamp using colour, denomination, etc