(Closed) Win random stickers envelope/USA only

Happy New Year! :cocktail:

This is a lottery for the USA only, but you have 5 chances to win as I found a lot of random stickers that I am happy to part with. May you use them well.

Please number yourself and include your username. I won’t correct numbers, so if there are duplicates, only the first one is valid to enter. (Lottery ends Sunday, 15th January 2023)

Also, if you have time. Please write something that brought you joy over the festive season.

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


#1 @SosoFrench
Thanks for the lottery

The Christmas tree gave me joy and I was also happy to receive cards This christmas.

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#2 @DaisyDekker
Thank you for this lottery!
The weaher was unusually cold and our pipes froze. While we were prepared and had purchased bottled water, we were going easy with it. Thusly, Christmas dinner was replaced with super simple food! It was a Momma’s Christmas with easy prep and more time with family!:heart_eyes:


#3 @Skittykitty

being with family
Thank you for the lottery!

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#4 ellistrations

Seeing my family all together brought me the most joy this holiday season.

Thank you for the lottery! :blush:

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#5 @Diau836
Thanks a lot for the lottery and Happy 2023!!!

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#6 @Cera1985
I just enjoyed spending time with my little family !
Thank you for the lottery :slight_smile:

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#7 @avery27

Thank you for the lottery! I enjoyed a bit of time off work, which meant sleeping in!

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#8 @CrimsonKing

What brought me joy is that for Christmas and New Years, it was just my husband and I, loved the silence. :blush: Thank you!

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#9 @Cocosmom
Thank you for the lottery!
We had a white Christmas which made it very nice🎄

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10 @sarahaeyo

I got to spend sometime with my sister over the holidays, who I dont get to see very often :two_hearts:

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11 @thetinylibrarian

I loved spending time with my family and eating delicious food! :heart:

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#12 Izzy2018
Santa Paws brought new toys to my kitten!
Happy 2023

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13 @susaninutah

Snow that may make a dent in the drought in Utah was a happy gift.

Thanks for sharing.

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#14 @anon58952012
Thank you for this lottery! :slight_smile:

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#15 @ejcain

Yay for stickers! Thanks for the fun lottery :partying_face:

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…Finishing my giveaway early! :green_heart: Winners were selected through random.org
Will contact you personally as well to ask for your addresses. Many thanks and thanks for joining!



Yay! I am over the moon excited! Thank you ever so much!

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Oh awesome! Thank you so much :heart:

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Great! Thank you!

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