(CLOSED) Who would send our students (6-12) a postcard with a proverb?

UPDATE 30th of March 23:
I have placed a message about what we have done with the postcards.

We have received so many beautiful and educational cards! Thank you so much everyone who took the time and effort to send us a card. I have removed our address in the message below. I will place one more update if all of our groups have worked with our cards.
Greetings Sabrine

Hello fellow postcrossers!

My name is Sabrine en my colleagues and I teach (gifted) children aged 6 to 12 in Zaandam, the Netherlands.

We will start our language project in January. It’s called: “Language is really our cup of tea”. Among other things, we are talking about proverbs and sayings.

When we introduced the topic, many children asked if they were going to learn another language. But why limit ourselfs to one language? The Dutch are known for speaking many languages, look at Louis van Gaal :wink:

Our request is: who wants to send us a card with a proverb or saying from the country where you live? Please first in the ‘original’ language, then literally translated into English and the meaning of the proverb or saying.

We want to collect all cards on our large map and marvel at the richness of language all over the world.

Who wants to help us by sending us a card? It would be so appreciated!

We would love to hear from you!
Happy postcrossing!

With regards,


We will send one from Minnesota in the USA!

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That would be great!
Thank you!

I can send one from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.


Thank you so much!

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Happy to send a card from Australia.

I work with a lot of European backpackers and I’m always explaining what different proverbs and sayings mean. It’s usually great fun.


I can imagine :smiley:. Thank you in advance!

I send you a postcard :smiley:

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It is interesting how proverbs express the culture and national character of a country :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I also like it :blush: I will gladly send it from Japan :sparkles:

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Thank you so much!

I’m really curious to hear from you! Thank you!

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I will send one from El Paso, TX

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Nice, thank you!

May I ask a question?

What kind of postcards would them like?
Do you prefer proverbs that are interesting to children?
Can I write one proverb on each postcard and send several postcards together in an envelope?

I am wondering which proverb to introduce and would be glad to get your advice :blush:

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Of course can you ask a question. I’m so happy to see that there people on the world who take the time and effort to send us a postcard!

Are there proverbs that are really common in your country? A proverb everybody knows? Or a proverb with an animal in it? Dutch really like animals in there proverbs, there are many of them.

Is this an answer to your question?

And on your question what kind of postcard, something touristic? A map of your country or village? We like all kinds of cards, as long they are suitable for childern :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your response :blush:
In Japan, there are many proverbs related to animals as well.

I was worried because I don’t have many tourist postcards :sweat_smile:
But if it means choosing postcards for children, I will choose cute ones :blush:

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I can send one from germany and if you like one from slovakia, where we will be during holidays. (I will do both languages. Im the german native speaker and my husband will help out with slovak as its his native tounge…)

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Really great, thank you so much!

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Hello, I will send one from Greece :greece:

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