(CLOSED) USA Lottery - Scrapbook supplies and a few random extras (3 chances to win)

Hello all! I am getting ready for a move to another state in March and have decided to declutter my crafts area. Rather than toss perfectly good items, I wanted to offer a lottery. I used to be a very avid scrapbooker, spending hours meticulously arranging each page. These days, I mostly do digital scrapbooks due to time constraints. However, over the years, I have got quite the collection of supplies. It is my hope that someone else may be able to put these to good use.

Please note that this lottery is only open to US members, as I will be using a flat rate priority box to ship the contents to the winners. Also note that some items are partially used like sticker sheets. Some of these items have been in my possession for a decade, so I cannot guarantee that the stickiness will remain perfect on all items. I have used some of these recently to decorate postcards and some have been fine, a couple not fine, and others just needed a little help from a glue stick.

There are 3 lots that I am offering and, thus, 3 winners will be selected. In order to participate, please indicate if you have a preference of which bundle you wish to receive and if you would be happy to receive any of the options or if would like to excuse yourself if your preference is already chosen by the first winners. The first person to win will get first choice, etc. Though some bundles appear to have more items than others, they all fill a small priority box completely, it’s just the some items are puffier or more textured than others. If I can fit any extras in at the end, you may find some small additional surprises with your winning bundle!

Lot A - WON BY @HappyLoo
Main theme is floral. There are also 2 small folding cards with envelopes and a Golden Girls themed Mad Libs book, completely unused.

Lot B -WON BY @Alyonushka-SPb (RAS)
Main theme is hobbies and interests. This one includes a Scooby Doo themed Mad Libs book, completely unused.

Lot C - WON BY @@Annazon
Main theme is travel/places and holidays/celebrations.


#1 @annazon lot c but any if c is taken :grin: thank uou for the chance

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#2 @silentmagician C would be my first choice, but I could use any!

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#3 @Alyonushka-SPb
Thank you very much for your wonderful lottery!
If it’s possible, I would like to participate this lottery for RAS please :love_letter: ( for American adress )

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#4 @BarbL

Bundle B is my favorite, but I would be happy with any if I were to win!!
Thank you for the chance to play!

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#5 @Pinksxo lot C would be my first choice. :blush:

Thank you for the lottery!

I will choose the first winner now :slight_smile:

@postbot roll 1d5

:game_die: 1

The first winner is @Annazon for lot C

2 more chances to win - Lots A and B still up for grabs!

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#6 marupiter

I’d love lot A. But if that’s taken, lot B is fine as well. Thanks for offering. :smiley:

Thank you very much :grin::heavy_heart_exclamation::grin:

#7 @HappyLoo
Lot A please

Time to select the 2nd winner!

@postbot roll 1d7

:game_die: 7

The second winner is @HappyLoo for Lot A, congratulations!

One more chance to win!

Thank you!

And we’re going to choose the 3rd and final winner…

@postbot roll 1d7

:game_die: 3

The final winner is @Alyonushka-SPb for RAS for Lot B.

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