(CLOSED) US Offer: 5 Unwritten Cards

In order to de-stash my quickly accumulating cards, I’m offering 5 unwritten cards in an envelope to the first TEN USA-based people who comment on this post.

I will DM you for your address and select the 5 cards for you based on your profile.

My apologies that I am only offering to USA-based people due to postage prices. If you live elsewhere in North America (or beyond), I am hosting an international lottery here, so feel free to throw your name in that hat!

P.S. I expect (and don’t want frankly since de-stashing is the idea!) nothing in return.


#1 comment. marcus from Az. will send you my address

ok, will wait for you to dm. thanks marcus page57

No 2 Count me in -
Will PM you the address

#3 Thank you for your generosity!

4 I would love to be considered

5 - I’m trowing in my hat as well, please.


Thanks so much for the generous offer! :hugs:

#7 I have an address is USA :slight_smile:

#8 @Annazon :sunglasses:

#9 @cassius1213

#10 @bookendss :heart:
Thank you so much for this offer!


Your envelopes went in the mail today :airplane:

@PAGE57 – please send me your address and I will get your envelope in the mail, too!


Thank you! :blossom:


Your envelope of cards arrived today! Thanks so much; I love them all!

And thanks for the early birthday wishes. I celebrate all year long :blush: