[CLOSED] UK Postcrossers - Anyone want West Country/Cornwall Cards?

Edit: These are now taken, so this offer is now CLOSED! Thanks!

Little bit random maybe, but would any UK postcrossers want a little bundle of view cards from around the West Country - Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset etc?

I have 10 view cards, an illustrated card and an antique ‘Souvenir Letter Card’ with pretty old pictures of Teignmouth. The cards are vintage-ish (like, from the 90s probably!) but in good condition (just one has a little pen mark on the back). I can send more images if needed.

I buy bundles of cards secondhand and love the potluck of not knowing what I’ll get, but I’ve never been anywhere near the southwest, so thought another postcrosser might be able to send these with a bit more conviction!

Anyway, would happily send them within the UK for a written postcard in return! :postbox: Message me if interested.

Would be interested. Have a lovely Easter.

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