CLOSED -UK only - Newspapers

I know that there are people on Postcrossing who collect, and who collect things other than postcards and stamps.
I’m having a bit of a clear out and trying to find new homes for stuff rather than landfill etc.
Would anyone in UK be interested in 3 Russian newspapers from May 2006 (there’s a Mongolian one somewhere too but I haven’t found it yet)?

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That is a great offer if I understood russian I’d have them in a heartbeat :heartbeat: :smile:

@RyanR they are English language
Moscow times (2 i think) and st petersburg somthing or other.

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Oh that’s great please may I have them it will be interesting to learn more about Russia :blush:

I’ll weigh then and find out how much it would be to send to USA. I originally said UK only as i fear that the cost could be excessive.

I use u.s.a for official side you can still send to me in the UK :+1::smiley:

Oh, good. Please PM your UK address