[CLOSED] THE SECOND 63rd Bristol Scout Postcard Exchange

Hello everyone!

If this post looks familiar, it’s because it is. In September, I ran a postcard exchange with my scout group, and it was a HUGE success. The kids loved it and so did all the wonderful postcrossing members who helped make it happen. It went so well that I have been asked by another scout group if I could run a postcard exchange for their group. For those new to the idea, here was my last forum post, explaining how it would work:

I am a scout leader volunteering at a scout troop for ~30 young people aged 10-13. The scouts are currently working towards completing their World Challenge badge, and I thought a postcard exchange could be the perfect next step in their progress. Here’s how it would work:

  1. Each scout would write their own postcard, and ask a few questions about your country, your culture, maybe about the scouting movement where you live.
  2. When you receive this postcard, you write a reply and share a bit about who you are, and the culture of your country.
  3. The scouts get to learn more about cultures around the world, you get to be a part of a fantastic project, everyone’s a winner!

Click the link below to see the main thread, if you are interested and pm me with your address. I will have to cap the number of participants at 30, and signups will close on the 6th of December. Thank you so much!



Hello! I’d like to participate. I sent a PM. :blush:

I’m in! I’ll send a PM.

I’ll send at PM!

Sending a PM!