[CLOSED] The recipient registered the card, but it's not mine!

many thanks to everyone for the help. The administration can do nothing about this issue. Now I can only wait for my real card to arrive.

I sent a postcard to the user. After a while, a thank you message comes from him. But the postcard is not mine! I also received an email with a reminder about the ID. I wrote to the user about the mistake, but I do not know how to unpin someone else’s postcard from my ID.
Please, help! I didn’t find anything about this in the FAQ.
I apologize in advance for my English, I use a translator

я отправила открытку пользователю. Спустя некоторое время от него приходит сообщение с благодарностью. Но открытка не моя! Также мне пришел емейл с напоминанием об ID. Я написала пользователю об ошибке, но не знаю как открепить чужую открытку от моего ID. Пожалуйста, помогите! Я не нашла ничего об этом на FAQ.
большое спасибо всем за помощь. администрация ничего не может сделать с этим вопросом. Теперь я могу только ждать пока придет моя настоящая открытка


I’d send a help request to Admin about this situation & see if they can help:


Maybe the recipient only uploaded a wrong photo / scan of the card?


If you didn’t upload the picture before the card was registered you can’t do that.
Please write a message to this user, describe the card you’ve sent to them and ask for deleting the wrong picture and uploading the right one.
Please be patient - it may take a few days.


No. He also indicated not my name in the answer with gratitude

I have another idea! As you got a reminder about a missing ID… The recipient received a postcard and searched for it and got a wrong ID number (of your card travelling to him*). Please contact the support about it.

* but there must have been a card from you travelling to that person.


He used the wrong post card other wise he wouldn’t know the post crossing number you wrote on the card.

I have a registered card of mine, that was registered and uploaded under other user’s ID, user don’t reply to PM’s, would be glad to receive some help also. :upside_down_face: This is certainly not a coincidence because a set this card from is really rare.

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Send us a message on the Contact us form about the issue so that we can have a look at what is going on please.

The same happened to me some time ago - only the other way round:

  • received a card and registered it
  • after that, as usual, I read the profile, and was puzzled, because the user went under a different name than the writer of the postcard, and she was not even born in the year the writer had reminisced in her card :open_mouth:
  • a few days later I received another card with the exact same ID - and this time, card and profile matched :slight_smile:
  • only, of course, I couldn’t register the card, as it was already registered
  • the writer of the first postcard had simply made a mistake writing the ID
  • so I used PC Help to find the real ID of the first card
  • then I registered the first card “once again” and changed the postcard picture for that first ID to that of the second card